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Damn beautiful women by zodiac sign

Damn beautiful women on the sign of the zodiac. Top beauties!

(Dame of hard behavior)

Even if this girl looks like an angel, do not flatter yourself! Inside it has a small steel mechanism that controls not only the vestibular apparatus, but also throws out thorns on occasion, making its way gradually to the body, your path will be littered with thorns, it will also build a similar barbed fence in the family, where the days for cleaning the apartment are strictly according to schedule, raising children and a special circle circled the rare days for sex, but in this case, you should not flatter yourself. Do you like thorns?

The alienation in the air will create the oppressive situation of the civil war regime, you will not be the owner of a cozy nest, surely you will have your place in the house and they will even point it to you … Far from everyone deserves a wife, it was created for respect, caste, clan, Olympus and even God knows what the heights, and if you are not of a noble family, then do not make dirty plans to capture the Winter Palace by storm, Capricorus will remain in your memory like a femme fatale. If you still have a “pure breed”, then Capricorus will think: “It’s a sin to indulge in despondency when there are other sins in the world.”

So, with a sin in half, arranging tantrums once a week to clear your conscience, she will slowly become yours. In the constant search for problems, where there are none, Kozia is a model of unsublimated complexes: stiffness, callousness, pragmatism, pride — a far from complete list of its merits. Stably holds the second place after Scorpio widowhood. The combination of restraint and lustfulness makes her a kind of unique: the principle of a Western woman is inherent in Capricorus’s brain — she doesn’t have to play love preludes, money rules the world and her love affairs will be an example of that. Loyalty to her husband is loyalty to his income. The dens and brothels are not the places of the appearance of the noble Caprichogus, it will contain them and have income from them.

The key word of this lady: “I use” and talking about feelings and love can be just inappropriate. It is not difficult to make Kozu happy, it’s difficult to stay happy yourself.

Find in it a foothold, it has something to respect: she, like the snow queen is not looking for cushy places and lives in an isolated world of business, a world where beliefs have no value, a world where the mischievous wind of romanticism does not penetrate … Forward, through thorns to the stars!

(here and there are two loneliness)

“Love your enemy” – apparently, this meant the famous astrologer Sergey Vronsky, when he asserted that the world is without the women of Gemini, it’s like the festive pastry without a dough. A lover of French and French always asks questions that cannot be answered, this gives her pleasure, because a man feels guilty. Diverse, her brain is a model of curiosity, very talkative, silence scares her, she has nothing to keep silent, feels the need to fill the vacuum, even if you have nothing to say. She loves giving away the treasures of her intellect. The constellation of twins is responsible for the hands and speech, and verbal diarrhea turning into sarcasm in intimate relationships makes this girl unpredictable that she will soak off next time !? Favorite posture – posture superiority! Voila!

When she is already over 30 (before Monika Lewinsky is interested in examining all the delights of the genre), sex seems ridiculous and frivolous to her, spiritual intimacy and money is more important, but if the guy shook the imagination, why not? Calling Marilyn Monroe an angel of sex was truly baseless, because any Twins can get naked. Exhibitionism is not in its spirit, but why not try it!

She will never despise a phone call in whatever form it may be, but she always “dresses” in order to go to a concert, go to the store, water the flowers, open the door or get mail. Everything in her life is at first hypertrophied, then exaggerated and subsequently nigilated, although the loss of a friend causes her sports interest in returning him. The search for the missing lipstick may end in Shakespeare’s tragedy, but another divorce from her husband will not touch her feelings in the least.

A certain coolness is sometimes taken for high love, but as Lermontov used to say: “There were two people in Pechorin: one was sitting, the other was standing,” so that a frank declaration of love does not mean that it was said by the same girl. Having fallen in love, she always carries her somewhere further and past, the same thing in friendship, in the end, her best friend turns out to be a diamond, which in principle is also quite good.

Gemini as a salute: first to the fig, and then not a fig! If she says that she has a date, then this does not mean that it is of a love nature, nevertheless, it can easily be called a chronic flirt.

Her forever surprised expression and eyebrows of the house seem to say: “Where did all this fail? Only yesterday, we celebrated the New Year, and today, in splendid isolation, I find my underwear on the Christmas tree … “

Golden Teltsiha
(Already near midnight is nearing, but Herman is not there …)

Most of them are born Cleopatra and Catherine II, disguised as housewives. And in truth, Taurus is a neck on an astrological body, on this occasion I recall the phrase: “the husband is the head, and the wife is the neck”, where he will turn, the head there, respectively. It happens that myositis happens (in medical terminology, this is when the neck cannot be turned), it smells like simple stubbornness: no, that’s all … a brake, a fixed sign, after all … in such a state, a man has to open a second bottom in Taurus Carefully take measures such as buying a warm fur coat or expensive French perfume. To say that she is an enemy of the people is to underestimate her human qualities: both feed and warm, especially if the peasant from the Counties of Orlov or with the voice of Caruso, it will just melt here,

Obsessive thoughts about sex will softly turn into realities and begin to live happily, good things will come soon … a fairy tale soon affects, but things are not done soon … practice shows that there are a lot of dissatisfied Telchichs’ lives and after the first gusts of love, disassembly ends in the kitchen with smashing dishes and smearing the wall partner . Here it is in all its Cleopatra beauty and intransigence, like the revolution of the 17th year.

Using men as a daily toothbrush, both in sex and in kind with complete equanimity and calm, men get on their nerves, well, there is no romantic take-off in Telka and that’s it, solid and unshakable, like the Berlin Wall, they evoke a dastardly desire in men Breaking up this wall to the ground, but if they are not under such a lump, it is better not to push. The hardened chelovechische hides under the languid look of a farmer Oksana, once realizing that Mirgorod is not the same now, she finds pleasure in simple uncomplicated lesbian games and uncomplicated food (a kind of pleasure) and Freudian understands that the libido must be cherished … One conclusion suggests itself: if you want simple and tender love, come to the barn … with the blacksmith.

(Daily adventure – the sister of talent) – not all the gold that glitters

“But if you stick Ivan Ivanovich’s nose to Ivan Nikiforich’s face?” Or to cross a woman with a fish ?, it’s probably such thoughts that led humanity to genetic engineering, which is to say, Vodoleish is brilliant!

A humanist, a fighter for civil rights, freedom and independence, standing on boxes of toilet soap, can hysterically shout about the rights of feminists and lesbians, although, deep down, she is more comfortable with men, will try all the poses of the Kama Sutra at least once, just for fun! Enjoys resistance and rebellion. Man of extremes: either nothing at all or too much.

Very expressive: the style of clothes is unpredictable (for example, does not wear underwear), is unpredictable in bed, but astrologers still managed to “calculate” it: this is a man of knowledge, therefore everything new excites her: new lovers, new trends in fashion, new religion, but if the partner is quite diverse (there are purple unicorns among men), then it can cling to the marriage, and even, philosophically, linger in it. The fact is that Aquarius in the family seems to be a stranger … and despite spiritual devotion, it is Aquarius-record holder for divorce.

Very original, among the ads, the following pearls belong to her: “I will not marry intimacy” or “A sociable, pretty girl will sell a cement car”, “An outsider in …”, a sense of humor does not hold.

Always ready to help and if you are really bad, even sleep with you, without asking who you are and where you are from. Someone may say that she is a squander and hysterical — don’t believe it, she’s nimble, likes to seduce and fight back, because she sees perverts everywhere. One of the best advisers, since I will not be afraid to repeat – is brilliant!

Years to 40, when the ruling planet Uranus becomes in opposition, its behavior is oppositional, that is, in the language of the boulevard, the sexual revolution begins and here that anything can happen … fascist coups together with the theory of a glass of water are resting! She is the personification of the future woman and looking at her you can clearly see yourself in your future, how do you feel comfortable there?

(Modesty decorates a person and silver is not worse than gold)

To be honest, modesty is just an image and the experienced people will immediately understand this. In fact, Rakinja personifies beaver and its hut, which no one knows the entrance to. She literally exudes mystical eroticism or erotic mysticism, which in principle is all the same. Without saying a word, dragging the sufferer into his hut, she whispers: “You are elected,” in such a vague semi-conscious faint state, the man gives himself to reproach, because the beaver satisfies himself solely without any interest in the ward. Her maternal instinct tells: the boy is speechless, he is warm and comfortable in the arms of his mother. Posing from behind, as one of the American psychologists put it, is one of the favorites, because Rakin’s modesty does not allow them to show faces during an orgasm. That would be surprised rachaha Pamela Anderson, this is a very dubious argument

Despite being homely, it can be absent-minded and dreamy: reclining on a sofa in laces and curls dreams of a prince who turns every night into an insatiable monster .. affected by the phases of the moon, it is better not to come close at full moon. The whole apartment in wax stains from romantic candles, statues of Buddha and Egyptian sarcophagi. The east is a delicate matter, she claims while dressing up in an odalisk.

Clever, writing for her a heartbreaking novel titled “And they woke up in the morning” costs nothing, but Rakinja is afraid to get into the real love network, as afraid of any criticism, refusal and deception. If you do not want to be her sworn enemy – leave comments to the mother-in-law’s address with you and forget about humor at all, be smarter and more gentle, more tender … and remember, Rakinya is not so sensitive as receptor: someone did something disgusting to her … subtle, but competently take revenge.

As a rule, she is the same blonde, about which jokes are made: two blondes talk about psychosomatic problems, young people are suitable, the reaction of one of them: “Oh, guys go, let’s talk about rags!”

Excellent able to play on the weaknesses of a partner, mows under the girl. Crying is necessary for her, as air, however she never will be engaged in it alone if she knows that a man will not hear her. Her married life exists solely for the sake of convenience. Rakinho is adored by her husband, adored by lovers, because she has parapsychological abilities: she always knows what a man wants, but also clearly knows what she does not want. Living with such ambivalence makes an impression not of this world, but this is just an impression …

(gilded statue of liberty named after Venus de Milo)

Soft, with dimples scattered all over the body along with moles in the most unexpected places, Vesih has long been the favorite of kings and not only kings, but also bohemians. The canvases of Botticelli, Titian and Rubens eloquently speak for themselves: the portrait of Venus de Milo … the sly smile of the black-headed Mona Lisa – this one was certainly born under the constellation Libra, because the trick is peculiar to Venus (we repent repenting Magdalen – it refers to the repentant Fish)

“Art should belong to the people,” one vulgar little man once said, and it’s been said … then they broke off Venus’s limbs, then they pawed my hands, and you have to admire beauty from a distance … beauty is a terrible power! For centuries, people using the right of the strong want to possess, well, wanting is not harmful .. beauty is, first of all, expensive!

Logic and law are exalted in the mind of this beauty, but passion has not developed. She will follow the conviction of tradition that a woman should be married as a virgin, and there she will try grass. Pink dreams gradually turn into gray days and marital debt, like a dull banality, begins to get on her nerves. She hates vulgar scenery, and what kind of man will be posing as a patron of art and Apollo Belvedere for years? Yes, they are not born Shrek, Shrek become …

To her, an esthete, give the cakes straight to the bed, while she will fall into a philosophical state of mind: “I think I love you, I open my eyes – no, not you …” with you, she helps her delicate nature to live in a world of dreams, changing partners like gloves, moving from one to another – the main thing is to love and be loved. The endless soap opera “Swan Lake” with a dying swan and Anna Pavlova to boot.

Each time, when the ending phase of love comes to an end and the American happy ending looks for a healthy, eye-pleasing sexual episode, Vesikh breaks off and begins to dynamite. There is no compromise here, but the alibi are more than enough. It turns out that she does not have enough romance, offensively, and this beauty was deprived of it, but damn sweet! She can thoughtfully notice: “I love mutually beneficial gifts, for example, I give him handkerchiefs, and he gives me a mink coat,” how can you refute logic ?! And her love of harmony? Especially if the husband got angry, but rich, then it is better not to argue with him, you can always find interchangeable qualities in his nature … and change the toaster to a mixer.

This girl, like a statue of liberty despite her softness (the phrase evokes interesting erotic associations) can sometimes stand firmly for justice, equality and freedom — also not bad, as long as the waist is not overpriced and the patch pockets do not stand out strongly.

(I met you and everything …)

Scorpio, perhaps the only autumn sign in sex is not giving misfires. As a responsible person, she has her own understanding of the work of the genitals and is confident that everything that is done is all for the best and for the benefit of health. In the team and on the street, Scorpio gives a piercing, unblinking look, as well as a strict emphasis on clothing, the favorite color is black, the favorite insect is Black Widow. She rightfully owns the black belt of the Kama Sutra.

She is laconic, her speech is chased, measured and does not provide for objections (what reminds you of the speeches made over the graves of the just-dead). Having noticed a little man, pretending that she doesn’t care, she will ask in a low voice: “You, whose slaves will you be?” As if making it clear that she is still interested in your marital status … in fact, your destiny has already been decided, just her tactics so … Madame Bovary and Lady Macbeth all in one. Demagogues, as well as their friends, impotently call Scorpio lecherous, well, they know better, although she doesn’t care what they think about her, because she has hypnosis, knows everyone’s inner thoughts, it’s not surprising that love for her neighbor is not enough.

Almost always likes to deal with smart men, because there is plenty of careerism in her and she was born to command if a smart man refuses for some reason to participate in the structure of her career, the punishment will not slow down: access to the body will be stopped. In general, the desire to kill someone Scorpa wakes up often, she successfully sublimates him into creative energy and sends him to work or sex.

Scorpa has a lethal, furious power of love, she is good to ugliness, as well as during ugliness and after ugliness. A lover of thrills, over her bed, you can write: “Do not fit – kill!” Anyone who dares to sexual act will experience all the delights of holotropic breathing with all reincarnations, and in the latter it turns out that she was a bloodthirsty goddess Kali. Despite her enormous power, she has an “Achilles heel” – she is a sadomasochist, usually Scorpio plays the role of a torturer, but sometimes she wants to become a slave and ask for your mercy, the policy of the stick and carrot, both literally and figuratively make her a kitten with hidden claws. Isn’t it tempting to show the guests a hand-made Scorpion?

(Be afraid of the Danites, gifts that bring)

Dream romance and pervert! Many consider sex (our smaller brothers – monkeys, too) as entertainment. Getting acquainted with the cheerful Strelchikha, a man bleeding with the saliva of desire, begins to think that he has found his ideal. In a sense, yes!

Sex for her is a way to feel the fullness of life, she extracts the maximum pleasure from him “Finally!”, Your soul rejoices. Full of enthusiasm and fantasy, she will sing an ode to you right there in the bed or in the back seat of the car and will convince you that she has always dreamed about you. The pedestal will be erected immediately and she personally puts you there … Oh, ecstasy! This woman, like champagne, beats not in the nose, but in the very temechko, feeling a little dizzy, do not forget that you are still on a pedestal …

Astrologers also experience excitement about Streltsov, the fact is that this sign is somehow incomprehensibly connected with spirituality, and on the astrological body of a person is just below the waist, linking this part of the body with spirituality, astrologers see a direct connection: the higher the higher the spirituality these are the paradoxes of astrology …

But back to the realities: The shooter is aerodynamic and the senses disappear along with the champagne quite quickly. “Oh, why this night was so short, it wouldn’t hurt your chest, your soul wouldn’t moan.” Romantic and passionate, she is honest in her actions, disappointed in you, she will try to throw you off the pedestal, after telling the objective reasons for your falling into her eyes. Cruel … but good for you.

She is restless, and there are so many interesting things around: her source of joy is people, and the more of them, the better. Perhaps someone does not like the crowd, but this doesn’t bother Shooter at all, even if you marry her rashly or with fright you should know that your house will be a walk-through yard for philosophers, musicians, scientists, yard dogs and homeless people telling the truth the social lady will be at this time at some foreign conference, her authority is constantly growing, so that it will be in principle not up to you. She will react calmly to your betrayals, and to hers too, intellectual communication is more important to her than extramarital affairs, her credo is that her husband should not interfere! So, comrade, get off the pedestal, get off, they tell you!

Golden Ovenka
(I erected a monument to myself …)

The sign of Aries is for its own “I”, on the human body behind the head, “one head is good, but it is better with the body” … Sometimes it seems that Ovenka is a head without a body, and sometimes vice versa: a kind of “horseman without a head” ( it is in those cases when it “blows the roof off”), then it is a curious sight: those who were married to Aries know how amazingly their hands, legs and other parts of the body work during the moments of the highest ascent.

They are warriors, in ancient times they are the same hysteroid Amazons who killed poor men after gang rape. History paints bloody pictures, but the progressive part of humanity (men consider themselves as such) still survived, and the bloodthirsty Amazons scattered around the world and are now waging war alone.

Arrogance and non-linear straightness – the face Ovenka (do not think that it is terrible, like a door), sometimes their faces are very characteristic, as well as principles. Out of principle, she will not watch football, but out of principle she will sleep with a man to prove that she is a free, modern woman. Principles her head is full … by the way, ask at your leisure. At rest, this is Professor Dowell’s head, without which no conference or parliamentary congress, but most Ovenok in the show business, can do without, where they want to show not only their wonderful head in a hat (Alla Borisovna), but also the rest of the divine body. .

To say that Ovenka is sexy means to say nothing at all, all the sights of the male body are fascinating to her, enthusiasm is a distinctive feature of these intimacy, so a man doesn’t even need to tense up, but it’s only at first … that you dynamite her, she will stand in the “pose”.

“If they love me, it means love, if not me, dislike” is the Owen axiom.

In a fit of love, she can scream: “Horse! My kingdom for a horse! ”And if you are not a horse, then you can only sympathize, she will abandon you and will live for many years in the proud waiting of an Arabian horse, but in general these are ladies from the royal court, even those manners after a stormy night on the sidelines of the Louvre and without batting an eye, it does not confess to you the next morning that it was she – the Marquis of Angels and Milady in one person. At night, this woman is three-dimensional … and anything can happen in the daytime: volcanic-sexual explosions with fading and forgetting who you are (they have a girlish memory), interrogations with addiction (sometimes buck), and brilliant wasting can await you. , frivolous betrayal, as a kind of whim and pushing you around, Ovenka is a lady with camellias you will never forget …

(the purest delights of the purest scapular)

The life of women – Pisces is like one big sine wave: emotional surges in the full moon and the coma stage in the new moon. The lifeless Flounder lying on the shore on a new moon is a pitiful sight, and the man, seeing her with such a statement, says: all the women are Pisces cold, slippery and amoebic. Brrr … It would be a great delusion to take the word of men, the practice confirms that this is the most favorite sign, because besides beer and fish, God also created fishing … the most popular type of meditation, because Nirvana (state of euphoria) comes with every fish caught. Tales about the golden fish sometimes come true, especially when the fish is rich, it will fulfill all your whims, if you occasionally fry it (there are masochists among them), then instead of three you can achieve 5 desires.

Pisces’ love is opium for the people, it’s hard to figure out what all the same it’s – the fish found in you, but its sacrifice is simply illogical … it is true to its principles, which keeps it in terrible secret. Since she lives in the ocean, and the ocean is irrational, the logic of how a small island in the ocean is not its creed.

Breathing spirits and mists. The fish periodically adventurously swims out of their native bay to spend the evening with dubious representatives of the stronger sex. Experiencing a lack of communication, she, like Scheherazade, will spread her thoughts along the tree and believe in fairy tales, which she herself also has scattered about.

The master of astrology, Pavel Globa, as he called the Fish an honest davalka (he continues viciously to avenge his ex-wife Tamara!) In fact, the concept of honor and disgrace merge in the cosmic soul of the Fish, like an ocean with the Gulf Stream, without interfering with each other. The concepts of giving and mercy generally fall into the category of spirituality, so Fish is holiness itself. She, like the biblical Magdalen, first repents herself, and then repents you.

Once, Fish claimed that sex was made dirty – people, it’s logical, but who else? The fish justifies everyone and everything, and if you once again deceive her, the Fish will forgive you and forget, since it is common for her to forget everything (I myself am happy to be deceived!)

Do not think, however, that the Fish – a weak-willed creature is an unsinkable cruiser “Aurora”, it does not sink under any circumstances, therefore you have only one thing – to love Fish not only during the Fish days …

The gourmet’s fantasy will be shocked, every day it appears in a different form and under different sauces – this is both herring under a mink coat and unobtrusive steers in tomato and naked cod liver, well, on weekends she will pamper you at leisure with seasoned caviar. What is not zhituha!

Lioness (holiday, which is always with you)

When a woman Leo calls her sign, everything becomes immediately clear, and you don’t need to call it, you can see who you are dealing with with a cat’s eyes and red nails.

Tiaras are in no way compatible with rags and mops, but if you wear red tulle underpants, this not only makes the Lioness laugh, but also gives you the opportunity to become her fan, wit is not in her unlimited limitation, and therefore having a couple or three men in her retinue – the jesters are even attractive . It decorates her. In general, if you have an unremarkable appearance, then the chances of becoming her husband are few, and if you are strained with money, then things are quite bad. This lady loves to cradle on a grand scale, but she does not like plans and order at all.

Her constant drug – compliments (very strong addiction), feeding on flattery, she spends her life in a frenzy of herself and trying to sober her up, asks a rhetorical question: “Why should I humiliate myself? I’m a man with whom I live until the end of life “… Ofigivaet from its own ofigigism.

The lioness was born to make a fairy tale come true, so you should start with expensive gifts. The strongest perfume in the theater belongs to her. Speaking of the theater, this is her home, her life, the game, and most importantly, that there should be more applause. Also on the stage of life, she will flirt with everyone he meets just for the sake of adoration and admiration. Her whole being is directed at this. Outward sexuality has nothing to do with the inner world, there, as a royal mummy covered with centuries and mold, the soul of this one reclines and the one who will disturb its rest will be cursed.

No, we must give due – she is generous and can even give you something from the master’s shoulder, if suddenly she managed to get married, this act will be viewed as generous, too, although by no means obliging.

Behind her is a rumor that she is loving … Guess from three times, in what position she will have sex with a man? That’s right, sitting on top of it so that the crown does not fall.

In love, she shows her totem to the full extent: playing enough, like a cat with her lover, she loses interest in him and the half-dead mouse remains where she lay. It does not suffer from cannibalism, but it runs out of boredom like a plague. In between hunting and love, the Lioness idly rests, mostly on couches or office sofas, if you ask about her hobby, she will answer you: “I love handsome men, apple pie and the name Roland.”

Virgo (art of being human or platinum chips)

Terribly photogenic and mostly tiny (in old age, it happens, it is blurred), Virgo is a certain danger. To call her smart is to underestimate her, she is brutally smart: someone has mistakenly embedded a chip in her brain that instantly calculates everything.

Virgo is a modernized mix of Cyborg, Robocop, lawnmower, the library named after Lenin and Cinderella, she clearly knows when and for what ball she needs to keep up. Virgo is not a simple mechanic – it is the electronics of the future, because besides instant calculation, she still has a tremendous sense of smell, so don’t stand in all this, get away and the smell will leave with you! This young lady can be called a victim of minor details, but by showing her sympathy to her it is advisable not to caress her, not to clap her back, and even less so, she does not like familiarity with familiarity.

Her analytical skills in the field of men consider him as a foreign object, in case of marriage with him he will remain a foreign object in her territory. But before the applicant is selected, the applicant is selected in the order of queues and points: the amount of money in the bank, the size of the apartment, the make of the car, the weight, the color, the brain (although this is not the most important issue), you can simply get education health, but let’s not talk about sad things. She has instructions for everything, even for using a condom. When you are finally admitted to the body, in response to a kiss, she may notice that you kiss not only with your lips, but also a little with your teeth, and in general, she will say: “people are beasts too, but we are the only ones who can copulate with their faces to face “, quietly undressed and calmly perform a conjugal duty. And what else?

Marital duty – performed for the first time! She will not tolerate debauchery, but it’s necessary to have sex to build a strong family, she read about it in Japanese magazines. Sex is something that a GIRL cannot control, because the resulting consequences of sex are so depressing that she sees it as a necessity given in sensations, as the existence of protein molecules, but not as a theory of torsion fields, behind which the future stands.

However, in everyday life it is simple and executive, for which our smaller brothers love it – Scorpios, only this gray computer mouse is subject to them, they can complement each other well, in other combinations, it’s buggy …

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