• June 19, 2021

The Words He’ll Say When He Really Trusts You, According To His Zodiac Sign

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When you start falling for a guy, you start recognizing the little signs that make you realize that you don’t just have a crush on the guy, but that you really trust him. This is essential for a relationship to go the distance, so the moment you realize you can trust him with the small and big things in your life tends to be a big moment in your relationship. That being said, this isn’t the only trust milestone you need to hit before you have a possible long-term relationship on your hands. You also need to be in a place where your guy can trust you with the same things that you trust him with. However, guys don’t tend to announce that they’re at that place to people, which can make interpreting those signs pretty hard.

While guys aren’t necessarily open books, there are indicators that can tell you how he feels about you. Some guys will be upfront about their feelings, practically spelling out how they feel and taking it upon themselves to make sure their message isn’t distorted in any way. Meanwhile, other guys will make a seemingly innocuous statement that is somehow filled with all of the subtexts that he’s throwing at you. Regardless, guys have their ways of showing you how they feel. Here are the words he’ll say when he realizes he can really trust you, according to his zodiac sign. Make sure to also check out his moon sign for a more in-depth look at your guy’s personality!

16Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): “I Want To Show My Real Self To You.”

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Fire signs are passionate and straightforward, but when it comes to relationships, they have a really hard one showing any sort of vulnerability. These signs need to feel like the people around them see them as strong because that perception will make them feel strong enough to live up to those expectations. They have this idea that they need to be an idealized version of themselves all the times. They’re not necessarily perfectionists or anything, but they expect a lot of themselves. This is why in a relationship, for a Fire sign guy to truly feel safe in his relationship and see you as a person he can trust, he needs to feel like he can be his real self around you, warts and all.

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15Aries: “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing And I Need Help.”

The Aries man is a leader at heart and while he’s not necessarily the guy chomping at the bit to be recognized for his leadership skills, he’s comfortable being the guy that other people look to. That being said, there will be times when he’s just as lost as the rest of us. The problem is that he simply refuses to admit when that’s happening. In most cases, he’d rather be the lame leading the blind than admit he needs help and that he might need to look to someone else for guidance for a change. When he really trusts you, he’ll be able to freely admit things like this to you and even actively seek your advice. He might even be the guy who showcases your own leadership abilities and wisdom because he’s so open about how it inspires him.

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14Leo: “I Could Really Use A Hug Right Now.”

Leo men are the type to want to inspire others. They care less about being a proactive leader type and care a lot more about being the heart and the inspiration of why other people do things. Leos are stubborn signs, especially when it comes to their values, so don’t expect a Leo guy to compromise on his desire to inspire other people. This makes a Leo guy go out of his way to try and be the best version of himself that he can be. This is all well and good, but a major problem with this is that he’s also the type to never let that facade go for even a second lest he appears less than inspiring. When a Leo man trusts you, he’s going to let that facade down every once in awhile and tell you when he needs some encouragement of his own.

13Sagittarius: “I’m Scared Of Commitment, But I Want To Jump Into This With You.”

Sagittarian men are all about the fun, to the point that they’re really terrible about commitment. This isn’t an exaggeration at all: Sagittarians are the type to be really comfortable with casual dating and even open relationships, more so than a lot of other signs. This is regardless of gender as well. That being said, Sagittarians aren’t this way for fun. They avoid commitment because, on a certain level, they’re genuinely a little scared of it. They’re the type to wonder what else is out there and would rather look for “the one” forever than settle for someone that wasn’t worthy of them. When a Sagittarius man trusts you, he’ll be upfront about his feelings and want to commit to you. If you’re dating a Sagittarian guy who’s suddenly okay with putting a title on you and a name for your relationship, you’ve achieved maximum trust levels.

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12Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): “I’m Afraid I’ll Never Be Good Enough, But I Want To Be For You.”

Unlike Fire signs, who need to feel like they’re seen as the best version of themselves, Earth signs are the more classic perfectionists. They want to feel like their efforts are appreciated and that they’re not doing anything wrong. These practical guys don’t mince words and want to be the best man they can, but they feel like they’re never going to meet those standards they set for themselves in either their relationships or outside of them. This is why an Earth sign guy is the type to really show his trust by acknowledging his insecurities about this to you. He’ll tell you how he feels and how he wants to be a better person and that you’re his inspiration for doing that.

11Taurus: “Love Really Scares Me, But I’d Rather Be Scared And With You Than Not Be With You At All.”

Taurus guys are straightforward, sweet, romantic, and stubborn to a fault, making them a really protective guy in a relationship and someone many people feel safe around. Even in his platonic friendships, Taurus guys are all about creating a safe space for their favorite people. This doesn’t mean Taurus guys are always politically correct or woke or anything like that, it just means that they’re likely to accept people as they are without any judgments. However, while Taurus guys are all about protecting other people, they tend to protect themselves the most, especially from emotional heartbreak. When your Taurus guy really trusts you, he’ll be straightforward about it, telling you that while he’s scared to jump into a relationship with both feet, he’ll do it because you’re worth taking that risk for.

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10Virgo: “I’ll Never Reach The Standards I’ve Set For Myself.”

Virgo guys are strong, stubborn, and vibrant people. However, they care a lot less about showing themselves to be strong and inspiring to others around them because they know what they can do. Rather, they choose to let their actions and efforts speak for themselves. Virgo men are all about actions speaking louder than words, so chances are when he trusts you, you’re not going to hear it in words. However, if he does actually tell you how he feels and let you in enough to trust you with his thoughts, chances are he’s going to confess to you that he’s afraid that he’ll never reach the standards he’s set up for himself. Virgo guys are really self-critical and do best in relationships where they’re reminded that they are more than what they can do.

9Capricorn: “Please Let Me Be Right About You.”

Capricorn guys are ambitious to a fault, so a big part of him showing that he trusts a romantic partner is actually allowing himself to be romantic with them. These guys aren’t really romantics at heart, so don’t expect them to be going all out with flowers and chocolates because that’s just not them. Capricorn guys will only really date women that they feel are worth going all in for, so trust means a lot to these guys. That being said, Capricorn guys, for all their pragmatism and practicality, have a desire to find someone they can trust with a forever kind of love, and when they choose someone to be with, they’re operating under the knowledge that this relationship could potentially be their last one. That’s why when a Capricorn guy really trusts you, he’ll be open about how he feels and hope that you were the right person to go all in with.

8Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): “I Can Understand A Lot Of Things, Except For Myself.”

Air signs are the type to withdraw into their own heads. Considering their level of intelligence, this isn’t really surprising, but it can be really detrimental to a relationship. In reality, Air sign guys aren’t detached in the way people think they are (well, some of them are). In actuality, these signs are sort of on a mission to find their place in the world and who they are as men. They just happen to acquire a whole host of different types of knowledge along the way. An Air sign man will show that he trusts you by telling you the thing that he will refuse to admit to any but a chosen few: that he understands a lot of things but doesn’t really know himself.

7Gemini: “I Don’t Understand Why I Do Half The Things I Do.”

Gemini guys are highly intelligent, but more than that, they don’t have some of the social hangups some of the other signs do, so they’re a lot more likely to be able to show off that intelligence more often. Honestly, there isn’t a lot that these guys don’t understand because they love putting their minds to different problems and adapting their way around them. That being said, these guys have a hard time understanding themselves because they spend so much time distracting themselves with other things, so they don’t have to focus on the hard truths of life that affect them emotionally. That’s why these guys can often lash out while not understanding why they reacted that way: they don’t have a great sense of introspection. When a Gemini guy really trusts you, he’ll be willing to look inward a lot more around you.

6Libra: “I Feel Paralyzed Right Now And Need Your Advice.”

Libra guys are very classy and self-assured most of the time, which is really saying something considering how self-assured other men of the zodiac tend to be. Libras prefer using their brains to out-think people rather than make a scene, and they’re really good at this, giving them the reputation of being social chameleons. That being said, while Libra guys are great at putting up a front like they have it all together (which attracts them more than their fair share of admirers), they really don’t. Libras are terrible at making decisions and can often find themselves paralyzed under the weight of an important decision. When a Libra man really trusts you, he’ll show you that side of himself and be open to your input.

5Aquarius: “When I’m With You, I Feel Like I Belong.”

Unlike this sign’s fellow Air signs who have intelligence and social skills in equal measure, Aquarians have twice the intelligence and none of the social skills. Aquarian guys are seen as being the weirdos of the zodiac, and more often than not they actually like it that way. These are guys that embrace their uniqueness and won’t date a woman who doesn’t appreciate all sides of them. However, Aquarian guys often feel like outsiders to everyone else because they think so differently, and while they’d rather be an outcast than be like everyone else, the isolation can be a really heavy burden to carry. When an Aquarian guy really trusts you, he’ll tell you that he feels like he has a place in the world with you and the two of you can be weird together.

4Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): “I Feel Like I’m An Overwhelming Person To Be Around.”

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Water signs are emotional regardless of gender, but it’s Water sign men that will never apologize for that more than the women of this element. This is because their emotionality is unique to them and it’s such an integral part of them that they’ll never put themselves in a position where people can make them feel bad about that. That being said, their emotions can be overwhelming even to them so they can understand how the people around them might feel about it. A Water sign guy’s trust will be made known to you when they confide in you that they know how high maintenance they can be sometimes, but they appreciate you being around to “maintain” them.

3Cancer: “My Emotions Are Always Running On High And I Feel Calm Around You.”

Cancer guys are by far the most overtly emotional of the zodiac, and that’s something that doesn’t bother them as much as you’d think. These guys have long since made peace with the fact that their hearts are firmly fastened onto their sleeves and they won’t bother with dating anyone who refuses to accept them for who they are. Unlike some other signs, Cancer signs have no problem trying to make it work with people who don’t understand that about them, but they won’t bother with it because they know the heartache it can cause being in a relationship like that. A Cancer man knows he can trust you when you accept him for all of his moods and emotions, but he actually feels pretty calm and at ease around you. When he really trusts you, he’ll be a much more easygoing guy.

2Scorpio: “I Just Want To Be Loved And Be With Someone Who Understands That.”

Scorpio guys tend to have an interesting reputation in the world of astrology. For one, these guys are seen as scary to date. I’m so serious about this: a few years ago I was dating a Scorpio guy and all of my friends who knew things about astrology were warning me away from him for the entire relationship. The issue with Scorpio guys is that their reputations for being super intense and a lot to deal with comes from a real place: that relationship of mine went down in flames. Deep down, Scorpio guys just want to be loved and understood for all their flaws, but they don’t actually want to tell people that, they want to come off as intense and brooding. When he really trusts you, he’ll be himself and tell you what he wants in a relationship and show his vulnerability.

1Pisces: “I Get Attached Way Too Fast And I Don’t Want To Scare You.”

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The Pisces guy is a dreamer and a romantic at heart. If you’re dating a Pisces guy, chances are you’re being wined and dined and swept off your feet as a regular occurrence. That being said, their romanticism comes with the chance that they’ll get too attached too fast and jump right into a commitment when that might be a little quick for the girls he deals with. Sometimes he does this because that’s how he really feels and steps in it because he scared her, but there are times where he’ll do this because he knows this will scare her and he wants her to go away. When a Pisces guy really trusts you, he’ll actually take precautions and make sure he’s not doing anything too crazy. He’ll make it a point to take things slow and let you lead when it comes to how fast things go.

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