• June 19, 2021

10 Reasons Why You Should Love In November 2020

1. They are excellent listeners. A libra will spend all day listening to you if that’s what you need from them. They have a natural tendency to place themselves on a back burner when someone they love needs help or is suffering. They are the one you can turn to for a shoulder to cry on no matter what, which often makes them the most loyal partners and friends. Libras are known to do anything for their family and those they love.

2. They’re great at conflict-resolution. Libras are natural peacekeepers who love keeping the balance, which means they often excel at being mediators when there is a conflict. They realize that there are two sides to every story and will keep an open mind. While it makes them uncomfortable, a libra won’t shy away from confrontation if it means a resolution is possible. Because of this, libras are often great communicators because they aim to avoid conflict whenever possible.


3. They’re romantic. Libras tend to have a strong preference for beauty and for them, nothing is quite as beautiful as being in love with someone. Even if they’re single, a libra is still in love with the idea of love! They are great at planning romantic dates and getaways and will always put a ton of importance on staying in love with their significant other and keeping that flame alive. They are their happiest when they have a partner they can share their life with.

4. They’re spontaneous. Libras love a good adventure! They are the perfect person to take on a last minute day or weekend trip. They love to travel, eat new foods, and experience the beauty this world has to offer. Be prepared though, they will more than likely take a million pictures wherever you go! They like to capture and hold on to memories.

5. They dislike fake people, which means that a libra will always strive to have the most genuine relationships with romantic partners, friends and even family. A libra doesn’t like to be taken for granted or lied to; they prefer to hear the truth, regardless of how difficult it may be for them to hear. A libra will always prefer to have a deep and meaningful connection with someone.


6. They’re ambiverts, aka the perfect blend of being introverted and extroverted based on the people they’re with, their goals and the environment they’re in. While libras typically do enjoy social settings, they also value their personal time. A libra’s ambivert personality enables them to be great observers and listeners, all the while being one of the most enjoyable people to hang out with.

7. They’re creative, not only when it comes to their pursuits and hobbies but also when it comes to identifying ways to address or fix a problem. Libras are naturally gifted at being able to put together an outfit someone else wouldn’t think of or decorating a home that looks aesthetically pleasing. Libras are natural designers at heart.

8. They have a great sense of humor. Libras are known to have a quick wit and are able to make clever comebacks at the drop of a hat. Because of their sarcastic sense of humor, they aren’t easily offended by jokes at their expense.

9. Libras tend to have strong convictions, which means you will more than likely always know where you stand with them.

10. They’re excellent gift givers. Because of how observant they are, libras will usually always find you the most perfect and thoughtful gift, which makes birthdays and holidays extra special. Rarely does someone not like a gift from a libra.


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