• May 08, 2021

What Happens When Your Sun Sign And Moon In December 2020 Sign Are In Conflict With One Another

Have you ever felt like your sun and moon were in conflict with each other? Like two parts of you cannot correlate with one another. One part of you wants freedom and the other one wants stability. Your virgo sun wants to overthink and look at the little details without being able to see the bigger picture. Your sagittarius moon wants to follow their first instinct and be independent. It’s a battle between the mind and the heart.

Do you want to know which one wins? Neither do, because both are needed to function properly. What can you do? Listen to both of them without judging. Listen to both of them without criticizing what they need and what they want in order to bring you peace. Listening to both creates a balance that will soon set you free. Do you know what feeling free feels like?

To me, it feels like running and screaming in the forest your darkest fears.

To me, it feels like talking about your body count without shame and guilt.

To me, it feels like spending the day skinny dipping, showing every layer.

To me, it feels like meditating without being afraid of your highest self.

To me, it feels like wearing rain boots to a gala without giving a fuck.

To me, it feels like dancing in the rain while you are drunk.

To me, it feels like writing a letter to the love of your life.

To me, it feels like walking away from him too.

I think the thought of being a walking contradiction is nerve wracking. I think the thought of being misunderstood is heartbreaking. I think the thought of having the courage to truly be in your power is scary. But the key is to find the balance between standing in your power but not abusing it.

What do you do when both your sun and moon are at conflict with one another? Well, you just embrace every feeling that it brings you.

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