• July 28, 2021

10 Horoscope Combinations That Will Experience 3 Months Of Heaven In 2020

If you are looking to switch up your love life, you might need to find out about the horoscope of your potential partner first. Why? Because it can make or break your love life. Astrologists state that these zodiac couples will surely experience 3 months of heaven but their romance will go downhill after that. You might want to go through them, just in case.
1. Aries & Cancer: Steamy first, Tears afterward
Aries and Cancer together mean combining fire and water sign. You are sure to get a steamy romance out of it but after that things might not work as well as you have hoped them to work. You might be thinking that its love at first sight and that you will be happily ever after but the water and fire often don’t mix really well.


2. Taurus & Cancer: You can’t always chill

Initially, you might think that you two have the same vision and get along really well. You both enjoy your time at home, snuggling and cuddling with each other but there is a problem. The moody Cancer and the stubborn Taurus don’t end up well.
3. Gemini & Gemini: The first fight gets it over with
There are two scenarios in the best case. It’s going to be super amazing or the absolute worst. The relationship will be filled with loads and loads of drama. You aren’t super reliable when it comes to commitment and loyalty but are surely super steady on holding grudges.
4. Virgo & Gemini: Big Brains don’t always work
You both are opposite and hence really attracted to each other in the first place. While you both are smartie pants, there is nothing more than you can share in the long run. You will always end up the in conflict so it’s better to part your ways early on in the relationship.
5. Cancer & Leo: Even your best intentions won’t work
The water sign cancer won’t work well with the fire sign Leo. While it may seem like a fairytale love in the beginning, you won’t be able to get through hard times in the beginning. Leo can get pretty nasty in the argument and the cancer won’t take it.
6. Sagittarius & Gemini: The desire to be yourself won’t work
You both cannot stop your desire to be yourself; Sagittarius and Gemini. While you both love this quality about yourself but you can’t seem to tolerate this quality in each other. So, it’s better to not involve your heart in the relationship.
7. Leo & Scorpio: Insecurities will get you both
You both appear super confident and flirtatious in public but are super insecure inside your head. This is the biggest commonality and the biggest downfall between the two of you which can ruin your relationship.
8. Capricorn & Libra: Huge differences never go well
You both are fond of beautiful things which might bring you closer in the first place but you both are very different from each other. You have the ability to admire each other from far but getting together will only lead to drama in your life.
9. Pisces & Taurus: Romance is great but it isn’t enough
Both of you are loving and nurturing but this fairytale will end after a few dates. The indecisive Pisces will never work well with the stubborn Taurus. The differences will overcome the initial charm pretty soon and you will end up breaking up.
10. Aquarius & Virgo: fast and furious plus stow and steady
Aquarius likes to move like a storm and pretty quickly and Virgo believes in its slow pace. You have a lot of differences between the two of you to make the relationship work. So, enjoy a few dates but avoid investing your heart in the matter.

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