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If you are curious to know if your sign is on the list of the signs with the best luck in 2020, do not miss this article.  Do you know how we consider a sign lucky or unlucky in Astrology? We have some fine tools for that.


In Astrology, every star and every planet has its own and different characteristics. According to their transits in the sky, they form aspects and throw beams to each other and to us here on Earth. And every time we talk about lucky beams we talk about Jupiter.

Jupiter is the giant planet of our Solar System. It rules the sign of Sagittarius and is related to joy and optimism. The planet is also known as the giver of gifts and luck. For all that, you must celebrate when it is in a good aspect with your sign.

Jupiter will enter the sign of Capricorn on December 3rd, 2020 and will spend two years and a half there. But together with Jupiter, Saturn arrives in Capricorn too. Unlike Jupiter, Saturn is known as the planet of “bad luck”.

Well, it is not true bad luck. It is that Jupiter works on giving you rewards even when you do not deserve, that is why it is so attached to “luck”. On the other hand, Saturn is a giver of rewards too, but only after you work your butt off and show that you deserve the best.

Plus, when Saturn is in a trine or sextile with your sign, it brings benefits and advantages. And when it is not in opposition, square or conjunction with your sign, the planet can be a sign of luck for you too.

With all this being said, let’s check the luckiest signs in 2020!


Capricorn, we know that you are not that into parties but you must celebrate the first position on the list of the luckiest signs in 2020 asap!

We risk to say that this year will be one of the best periods of your life. You are going to be able to pick the juiciest fruits of the seeds you have been planting for years. All the effort you like to put in everything you do (under the rigid eyes of Saturn, your ruler) will be paid off now.


All the areas of a Virgo’s life have everything to be fruitful in 2020 but you can start paying attention to see where your financial side can take you. In other words, money will be flowing for you.

If you want to invest your money on something new, go and do not think twice. We know that you like strategies and often think too much before making a decision, but this time you have the giver of gifts and luck by your side.


Closing the trio of earth signs, Taurus is in the third position in the list of the luckiest signs in 2020. Taurus is the only earth sign that will receive influence of Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Because of that, Taurus can start the year feeling a little bit anxious and bothered but as long a sudden change happens, these natives will feel better.

Do not worry about this change (we know that Taurus hates the unexpected) because Jupiter and Saturn will be working on giving you the best luck too. The best area of your life in 2020 will be love. You have everything to meet somebody new that beyond making you fall deeply in love, will help you with your financial life.




The year will begin well for Taurus in every area. They will become more responsible and aware of their role in the family, at work, with respect to their own well-being and that of those around them.

The influence of Jupiter and the dwarf planet Ceres at the beginning of the year will make the followers of the sign wiser and more determined.

In 2020, Taurus will be very responsible for achieving the highest level of economic well-being and comfort for themselves and their families. Thanks to astral influences they will find allies in financial matters that will bring them onto another level, leaving behind some of their more worldly concerns.

They will recognize their physical and spiritual needs and have the clarity and energy necessary to make changes to their habits, achieving a better quality of life and physical and emotional well-being.


Halfway through the year, their emotional state will be one of the year’s best, and they will enjoy romantic relationships, on both an intimate level, and with everything that concerns emotions. They will enhance their natural talents and use them to develop new activities which match their tastes and are beneficial to their health, finances and interpersonal relationships.

The end of 2020 will bring improvements for the sons and daughters of the bull, luck will smile on them with love, travel, good communication and intimacy. In addition, they will shine in their studies and in business they will be able to expand their market share. Peace and a reduction of tension will be fundamental for finishing the year on a high note.



This year Leo will do a lot of reflection and will start analyzing several aspects of their life. They will feel that their path is gradually being illuminated allowing them to be at peace with themselves and with those around them.

They will be attentive to changes, and the influence of Mars, the ruling planet of 2020, will give them determination, a good attitude and the adaptability necessary to face changes, mainly related to work. If one door closes, another will open, but the most important thing is that the attitude of the followers of the lion will be optimistic and positive, which is already halfway along the path towards success and good fortune.



Halfway through the year, some problems and doubts that could have been affecting Leo in the first few months of the year will be left behind and the sons and daughters of the lion will begin to grow in magnetism and attractiveness and they will end up as the conquering beings that they are. Friendships, aid and the same planetary alignment are going to induce them to be calmer with economic issues and experience a financial boon.

The total solar eclipse on July 2nd will positively influence those born under the influence of the Leo as they will receive a financial boost that will remain on the rise until the end of 2020. Also, love relationships will have more clarity, tranquility and passion for both members if they are already together, as well as for those who do not have serious commitments. Health will also remain stable and there will be no major problems with the body.

The luck of Leo will depend in part, on the attitude they have when confronting events, in a positive and optimistic way. The facts related to this will help them have an enthusiasm for what they do and it will expand into their workplace where they will be able to align new projects that have to do with their career.

The natives of the sign will end the year with an excellent state of health thanks to the solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th which will provide energy towards adopting new habits to improve their lifestyle.



Among all the signs, Aquarius stands out for its attractiveness, creativity and humanism, characteristics that will be exalted in 2020.

On one hand, there are timid, mystical, but enigmatic Aquarians; on the other, there are the more exuberant, extravagant and artistic Aquarians. All of these natives will be more motivated with personal fulfillment and with the fulfillment of those close to them.

The opportunities that present themselves financially or in the workplace will be essential for keeping the followers of the sign at their maximum potential throughout the year.

At the beginning there will be plenty of respect to their emotions and a desire to enjoy personal relationships. Sensuality will be an important factor for Aquarius all year, but mainly throughout the first few months.

New business opportunities, studies, trips, investments or partners will present themselves.



Both Jupiter and Eros will provide these natives with charm, sympathy and good communication with others. Several planets, asteroids and the Sun will influence them so that their luck and good working relationships flourish. They will establish contacts and have the possibility for trips and new profitable projects.

Their health will be very good in the middle of the year. They may vanquish some past demons which will open the way for reconciliation and grant leftover energy.

The charm of the sign will shine during the last stage of the year, where they will have romantic opportunities. New investments in the financial sector and professional outlooks will improve thanks to the lunar influence in December. Also, the influence of the stars will favor good physical and emotional health at the end of 2020.


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