• June 18, 2021


Many changes are coming this year and the signs with the most changes in 2020 will be affected by passionate encounters, professional events and adaptations to new formats. In short, changes that can be wonderful or negatively affect the course of our lives.

Although sometimes many changes are unavoidable, the influence of the stars provides us with enough information to adopt them or to choose a direction that best suits our interests. In 2020, 5 signs in particular will be affected: Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. They will feel the greatest changes, in the various areas of their work, professional life, in love, in health, etc.



These natives will begin to feel, on the one hand, more spiritual or philosophical, but at the same time they will want to share more with other people. They will intentionally seek changes, they will want to travel, find a new home or a new job, end or start a new relationship or begin a new plan of studies.

On the other hand, people who feel that their life is monotonous will reveal to this this feeling of boredom, especially in the field of love, and even those who have been in a relationship for years could end the link. The year 2020, love, energy and passion will cause great changes in Taurus.


The second of the signs with the most changes in 2020 will be Leo, since they will have a year of understanding and accomplishment, especially at the professional level. This year, the sons and daughters of the Regent Sun will want to take the destinies of their dreams in their hands, although they will have some difficulties and things will not always be easy – they will be able to get ahead and the changes that are coming will be positive.

You can also find true love, but if you have already found it you can expect a full year of passion. They will have more clarity in their feelings which will allow them to make the necessary changes to give and receive happiness, and so that their relationship progresses positively.


Natives born under the influence of Virgo will have important changes this year. Many people will dare to break their barriers, although they are relatively shy natives, in this period they will leave their comfortable zone and make decisions to start new activities, to get away from toxic people and attract those who really do them good.

Life in the workplace will be favored by the stars and there will have important advances in this area. Increases in income, new functions and job changes will be some of the modifications that will occur in 2020.



This year will be for Capricorn of much optimism, strength and vitality, which will lead these natives to live an intense year full of transformations. The sons and daughters of this sign will see change, their intense and adventurous spirit will make them take risks professionally and also emotionally.

In love they will leave fears aside and seek to do what they have always wanted. Many will open their hearts and have great advances with the person they choose. Capricorn natives will feel that they can achieve everything in this year.



The last of the signs with more changes in 2020 is Pisces. This sign will feel a breakthrough on several levels, first of all with your health, that will be vitalized and many problems you had in this area will be solved. In interpersonal relationships they will change their attitude and feel stronger and will not let anyone limit their development.

Intuition, which is one of the characteristics of this sign, will be more refined and assertive. Strength and vitality will lead them to achieve what they set out, especially on a personal and sentimental level.




Although Libra is the most balanced zodiac sign, 2019 will bring significant changes to this sign. The influence of Mars, the planet of courage and conflict, will upset this balance at various times of the year for the natives of Libra.

Libra is one of the signs with the most changes in 2019 and that will be noticeable from the very beginning of the year. On the sentimental plane there will be changes of course in relationships, the influence of Uranus and Mars will be the cause of break-ups, hasty marriages or diverse transformations in the life of the sons and daughters of the balance.

Libra will want to make modifications in everything that bothers them in their relationships and the solar influence will bring positive energy. They will make changes in love, leaving behind everything that is uncomfortable.

Financially, starting from a comfortable situation in the first few months, they could suddenly be faced with the obligation to make unexpected expenditures. There will be a lot of reflection and uncertainty about work. By the middle of the year, Libra’s will make changes to their way of working, working more as a team.


With respect to health, some habits, such as eating and exercise, will change which will be positive for the natives of this sign. Although, prepare for respiratory problems and the need to start treatments.

Saturn in Libra, in September, will allow these natives to free themselves from painful past events, leading to changes in their love life. A new clarity in business. Recovery from diseases. Changes at work, with a strong possibility of starting a new professional specialization or studying something new.

The end of the year begins to stabilize Libra’s life in love and strengthen bonds. In the workplace, they will examine fears that prevent them from moving forward. In health, the psychological side will need a bit of rest and some issues to resolve.



The natives of the sign of Sagittarius are individuals that like freedom, and the word “change” is almost inherent to their nature. Being in the same places and doing the same things bores them, which is why many of the changes that the centaurs will experience in 2019 will, on the one hand, be influenced by the stars, but on the other hand, be largely under the influence of the Sagittarians. These appear to be mostly positive.

Sagittarius will start the year in an attractive and conciliatory way. In terms of work, the labor and economic fields are expected to improve. There will be a lot of competition at work, and some friendships could change.

Regarding health, it is a good idea for them to maintain a balance. They will overcome diseases and feel vigorous.

They may change things at home, change their place of work or move, due to the entry of the Sun and Uranus into the V House and Sagittarius respectively. There will be a need to adopt a new diet. Their circle of friends will increase.

In the middle of the year, their mood will change. Chiron will influence them with its retrograde movement, bringing a kind of pessimism to their emotional state. There will be delays with money, both in paying it and receiving it.

In August, some natives will overcome their fears of intimacy and should be prepared for a business trip or transactions abroad. Sagittarians will have more mental clarity and good health in the beginning of this month.

Many singles will find a match in September. New forms at work, teamwork and new successes in business. A willingness to leave behind harmful habits, such as smoking, for example.

At the end of the year, the followers of the sign will prioritize their family and will want to move to another level of commitment in love. There will be new opportunities in the labor market and a possible change of field for work. In health, they will look for a balance between the physical and the spiritual.



The natives of the Pisces sign will have various changes in their lives next year, which makes them one of the signs with the most changes in 2019.

Many of these changes will be positive and have to do with the growth of possibilities and correct attitudes that will drop these members of the sign into a wide ocean which they can explore.

In love, Pisces will begin the year resolving to do new things with their partner and discuss the relationship and their family in order to make it better. An old love may reappear in March, causing confusion, and altering the present emotional state of the natives of Pisces.

With respect to finances, they may acquire a loan that would change their economic condition. An increase in salary or payment of debts will result in a good economic period.

In health, they will be willing to incorporate meditation into their life, in addition to having very good health thanks to the influence of Mercury and the Sun.

Many singles could start a romantic relationship in May. In this month, the workplace will change and become more tense and competitive. Their emotional side will be vulnerable.

By the middle of the year, the sensuality of the natives of Pisces will increase. Their vitality will improve and they will recover good physical as well as emotional health. They will face professional fears which will help them make progress. They will also visit the doctor and have exams.

Many will change their essential nature, they will want to be parents in September or October. New projects in the professional field, international contacts and possibilities for studying. The Full Moon on October 13th will allow the followers of the sign of the fish to free themselves from heavy emotional and physical burdens.

The end of the year will awaken new romantic interests, so beware of infidelities since the influence of Venus is strong in November. In December, truths will be spoken in the family environment, and there could be drastic changes.


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