• July 28, 2021

Powerful Taurus Season With 4 Retrogrades Set To Help You Reflect On Your Inner Journey

The zodiac seasons chart out the entire year and the events that will take place during that time. Many changes are taking place currently around us, which might put a fright in you. However, there can be an exciting turn to it too.

Taurus is going to be a very busy season. Some of the major occurrences that take place during the Taurus season are going to be the Retrogrades.

Up until now, there have not been many Retrogrades and the cosmos is moving forward. Along with the planets, we are fast-forwarding through our lives, even if we don’t feel it. But the Taurus season will be concluding with a number of Retrogrades, which will help us think and reflect on our lives. It will make us think about the past as well.

On 24th April, Pluto will enter into Retrograde. 10th May will have Saturn going into Retrograde. Venus will enter the Retrograde phase on the 12th while Jupiter on the 14th.


Generally, Retrogrades tend to be powerful during the beginning as well as their concluding lap and so, you need to pay proper attention to it.

Taurus Season has a Taurus New Moon on 22nd April. The New Moon energy can be challenging, and it can expand our minds and bring a new kind of vision to our lives. The Taurus Season compels us to start looking forward. The past is already gone. The New Moon can bring us new inspiration and make us ask – what do we plant now, which we can sow in the future?

The New Moon starts off the lunar cycle. When the lunar cycle starts, it marks the time when we can set our intentions. Our intentions might start off slow at first, but eventually, it will reach its peak during the Full Moon on 7th May. The 7th May Full Moon is a Scorpio Full Moon, which brings a new transformation. Our intuitive self will be higher and stronger than ever before.

During the Scorpio Full Moon, we can start looking at the clues of what we need to let go of, and eventually, put our intentions to work. During the Scorpio Full Moon, our focus will be on the events that happened to us in late October 2019. Any pattern or un-closed event will finally find closure during this Full Moon phase. It’s all about detoxifying and clearing your inner self.


On April 26th, Uranus and the Sun will be meeting. It will be an important day, and Uranus will bring a load of new changes in the world around us. Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, and it is constantly implementing changes on earth. As the Taurus Season enters a conclusion, the energy from the Pleiadian star system and the alignment of the Sun with Alcyone will bring a massive energy surge within our body.

Alcyone is the feminine version of the Spiritual Sun, Sirius. Alcyone represents the Shadow Sun. It will shine on our dark side as we move ahead and enter new spiritual levels. The energy of this Shadow Sun will be essential for us as we move from Taurus to Gemini. The shadows represent our blocked emotions, shame, and fear. By bringing light onto this shadow area, Pleiades supports us and wants to guide us forward.

The Taurus season is going to be a spiritually-infused time. We can look for support and guidance during this period. Let the spirit guides help you. Ask them where your next destination is, and let them lead you forward. Don’t worry about the Retrogrades of this season. They will only help you reflect on the past, reflect your current behavior, and push you forward.


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