• May 08, 2021



Throughout your day, observe everything that is going on around you.

Nonverbal communication is speaking louder than words, and you’ll gain a big advantage if you can decipher the underlying meaning.

There are clear signals flying around, and you’re not fooled for one second.

Do not act on what you learn today — there will be a much better time coming soon, so wait until your insight can help everyone around you. Just collect information and reserve your strength.


It’s not very easy to know what areas of your life need your attention right now — you’ve been out of the thick of things and not feeling totally in sync with the world for a while.

What you need to do now is get yourself more involved in the rhythms and activities of your favorite people.

Tag along when they run their errands or volunteer to help them with household chores.

When you get in the middle of things, you’ll understand what to focus on.


Where are you going in such a hurry? Kick off your shoes, sit down and get comfortable — you’re not going anywhere today.

You’re going to be in a bit of a holding pattern in life for a while.

Whether that makes you happy or not, the static nature of the day will teach you a few lessons about patience and accept things you can’t change.

Look on the bright side and enjoy a fairly stress-free day. Let your mind and body rest to work harder some other day.


Explore an unfamiliar outdoor space today — take a long hike, stroll the city blocks or trek through a local campus — where you go should be guided strictly by your curiosity.

Deep inside of you lurks a strong ability to soak up and understand innovative ideas, so what you need more than anything else is input — free your mind and get a little exercise while you’re at it.

You need to make your heart pump and your brain dance.


Don’t look now, but you have an admirer — someone thinks you have what it takes to make their life better, and they are about ready to let you know that today.

It could be romantic, or it could be more professionally minded than that.

Keep an open mind and look out for shy folks who don’t quite know how to get your attention.

You’ll have to take the initiative to get them to spill, but if you’re ready to be someone else’s missing link, the extra effort will be worth it.


It’s time to go back to the beginning to get the inspiration you need today. Remember back when you were enthusiastic about where you were going?

The passion is still there, you just have to dig down deep enough to find it!

This process of digging will take your mind off of the work you’re doing right now and help you stay distracted enough to not worry — worrying is not going to help you one bit, so why bother?

Call up a fun friend and get back in touch with what really matters.


Feel free to take things at a leisurely pace today, because time is on your side!

Unexpected delays will work in your favor, and they’ll give you a little extra time to put some polish on your best smile and better your chances of improving someone very special.

Make the most of this gift of time by skipping the shortcuts — take the scenic route and enjoy a lazy walk in the late afternoon.

It will give you a great chance to relax and reflect on what a great day you’ve had.


Every brick wall you encounter today is not meant to be climbed over.

Limits are important in every aspect of your life because they define where you can go and who you are.

Today an obstacle pops up and takes the shape of an unexpected rejection.

It may sting at first, but it’s not necessarily something you have to get angry about.

Obstacles aren’t always meant to stop you — sometimes they serve as detours, showing you a more rewarding direction to explore.


Everything’s been so entertaining lately — your friends, an escalating flirting situation, even work — so living in the moment hasn’t been difficult for you at all.

But if you want to keep the good times going, you need to give a little consideration to what your plans are for the future.

Every good thing must come to an end, but that just gives you another opportunity to make something happen.

You’re a catalyst in the action, so others are looking to you to put together a plan.



Opportunities will come in many forms today, although you might not recognize every one of them.

Not to worry — the ones you’re ready for will be obvious.

Keep in mind that nothing is a sure thing — a friend’s promise may fall through, a work meeting may swerve off the planned agenda.

Just go with the flow and don’t let these little detours bug you too much.

Everyone is trying their best, you have to remember (and appreciate) that.



Confused? Don’t be! Determining your next move is as simple as pie — all you have to do is sort the pros from the cons and the answer will be clear.

Apply this logical approach to your romantic life and you’ll soon see real results.

Career-wise, logic is always your best friend — it keeps things from getting too personal, which is especially unwise right now.

If the future is on your mind, keep your social options as wide open as you can.


As you put more responsibilities on your shoulders (and more successes under your belt) the idea of taking on new projects is building to an addictive level.

There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself, but make sure that you maintain balance in your life.

On that note, make strong efforts to reconnect with two friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Try emails and phone calls. They’re easy to reach, but they might take a while to get back to you.

Be patient. They’re excited to see you too!

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