• February 27, 2021

What The Sun-Neptune love Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until January 2020

On May 9th, the Sun in Taurus s*xtile Neptune in Pisces, creating a very intuitive and self-reflective time when we will be called inwards to feel our truth, and not let one more minute pass us by. Sun-Neptune s*xtile means our zodiac signs will question our own relationships and love horoscopes, but will ultimately end up in a place where we can move forward.

In astrology, a s*xtile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and create a positive atmosphere in which we are escorted through an experience or period of time that is beneficial for us. We saw the first s*xtile occur on January 4th of this year, and this one is the last until January of next year.

It’s important to make the most of this energy so we aren’t missing out on the life we want to live, which includes the person we want by our side.


The Sun represents our sense of self, the deepest part of who we are that may even be hidden away from the eyes of the rest of the world. It’s the part of our self we refer to when trying to be or find yourself. It’s the innermost part of our identity, which is why we often align with the qualities of our Sun sign. Yet depending upon which sign the Sun is transiting through, every sign is affected differently by the specific qualities present.

In this transit, we have the Sun in earthy feel-good Taurus. This is the sign that rules Venus, and because of the double Venusian aspects she makes, we can trust we’re all going to have love on the brain.

Taurus is stable, connected, and grounded, but it also likes the finer things in life. In Taurus we’re apt to make more plans with friends, make extravagant purchases, and also want to indulge more in self-care. It’s because this sign values what makes us feel good, and while at times we have to be aware of going overboard, it’s also important for us to take time for those things too.

But the Sun isn’t alone in all this because Neptune in Pisces is involved, so it’s not just about what feels good or about who we are, but we’re asked to tap into that intuitive part of our soul. The tiny voice that whispers when something is meant for us and those little pings that tell us to do something, whether it’s calling someone we’re thinking of or saying “I love you” to someone who means the world to us.

Neptune in Pisces rules the dream world, the quiet part of our soul that hinges on our inner knowing, our divination and connection to source or spirit. During this time dreams may become more vivid, we may reminiscence about our pasts, and get glimpses or hints of what our future will hold.

This transit represents a period where we are tuned into the most aware and authentic part of who we are. And this means our decisions will take on a different realness too.


Together is where the power of these two planets really makes life interesting for us. With the Sun representing our innermost self and Neptune helping us trust our intuitive feelings, we are going to get to the heart of any matter that may have left us stumped recently.

This means that we have made choices or decisions that we regret, or maybe they just haven’t panned out like we thought they would. Maybe it’s something as simple as how we’ve been spending our free time, or something as big as realizing the relationship or marriage we’re in no longer fits who we’ve become.

During this transit, what and who matters most will be highlighted. What we feel passionate about, drawn to or even inspired by will be on our minds, and it will feel like it’s impossible to turn off the feelings that arise.


While there are many different aspects of our lives that are important to us, nothing matters or causes more turmoil than our love lives. Even if we are fabulous and single, which should be the case, we still dream or wonder of life with someone, and what it would feel like to have someone there at the end of our long day.

Because Neptune is the ruler of our dream world, we can expect to feel like we’re living from our subconscious. This transit will bring past lovers back into our hearts even if we haven’t spoken to them for some time. Part of this is because Neptune will dissolve the walls around our hearts, and the other is Taurus reminding us of what felt so good. Pisces is also there encouraging our belief in magic and unconditional love.

This transit could bring up some uncomfortable bits to deal with. We may have old lovers surface in our minds yet be in a new relationship. We may suddenly feel inspired to go volunteer at that women’s shelter but aren’t sure how to make it work with our jobs.

Regardless of what situation you find yourself, it’s important to slow down and get to the point of the feelings. Is it the person you miss? Or how you felt when you were with them? Is it the job or activity you want? Or is it because you’re unhappy where you are?

These are just some of the questions to keep in mind as we move through this important date. While it’s a one-day transit, this is also our last shot at it until next year. This means we’re meant to pay attention, feel what comes up, and take action.

While knowing ourselves is the key to understanding what we want from life, we also have to go after it in order to get it.


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