• February 27, 2021

Here Guys Who Are Most Likely To Break Hearts, A/c To His Zodiac Signs

Everyone wishes there was a way to figure out whether their relationship will work out or if their romantic future is just a recipe for failure. How can two people tell if they’re actually going to work out? There are so many factors that can change the future of a relationship that it’s nearly impossible to figure out whether you’ll last – even if you get married! All we hear about on social media, in the movies and in our favorite television shows is how uncertain romance is. One of you can be dishonest, the other one can have a secret second family. So how can you tell if the other person is trustworthy? 

Some may suggest you start off as friends and keep a close eye on how they are with other romantic relationships, but seriously who has the time for that? Why would you waste years of friendship when there are romantic feelings right from the start? Here’s the simple way to figure out whether your love interest is going to break your heart: Just ask the stars! Turn your face to the heavens and ask what kind of man you should bet on. To help you out, here’s a list of the guys who are most likely to break hearts, according to their Astrological signs:

Air Signs Are Surprisingly Likely To Break A Girl’s Heart

While Air signs tend to be great with relationships, no one is without flaws. Air signs may start off lovey-dovey with you, but as with most things, too much of a good thing can be bad. The thing is, not all Air signs are out to hurt a girl at all.

When an Air guy breaks a girl’s heart, it usually comes in the most unexpected way.

Most times, it’s the result of something entirely out of his control, or it comes as a surprise to you and to him. However, an Air sign breaks your heart, guaranteed he wasn’t setting out to do it from the start.

Beware! Gemini Guys Are Clever

Sometimes being clever isn’t a good thing. You think he’s great because he’s so expressive and quick-witted and everything is great while you’re with him. You’re hanging on to his every word because he’s not just quick on his feet but he’s also affectionate, adapts easily to your lifestyle and is open to communicating with you on a deeper level than most of the other guys you’ve dated. Everything about him seems perfect and that’s when it hits you – he’s so great and he’s so clever that you’re starting to realize that he’s the one leading conversations and he’s the one who stands out for all his charms. This can lead to you feeling inferior, which will ultimately be the end of the relationship. It isn’t his fault and it certainly isn’t yours, it’s just that being with a Gemini man isn’t always as easy as we all wish it could be. He doesn’t break your heart on purpose, you’re both just victims of circumstance.

Libra Men Won’t Always Tell You When Things Are Going South

Libra guys are so great in so many ways. They’re cooperative, social, big on the outdoors and they prefer harmonious relationships. How can a guy like that break your heart? Well, the sad truth is, he’s his own worst enemy. When you’re together and something starts to bother him, he’ll try to keep the issue bottled up.

He’s not willing to confront you for fear of hurting your feelings, so whatever is bothering him will fester and grow until he can’t ignore it anymore.

It will consume his attention and he’ll wind up leaving – all because he didn’t want to hurt you in the first place.

If You Want To Protect Your Heart, Be Careful Around Aquarius Guys

Aquarius guys might sound amazing but the truth is they’re among the greatest of heartbreakers. They may seem amazing on the outside with their progressive mindset, social swag, and stimulating conversation, but most Aquarius men have a dirty little secret: they’re not as put-together as they seem. They love to be free and feel like they can conquer the world, which sometimes seeps into their relationships. For an Aquarius guy, part of ruling the world is showing off the perfect lifestyle. He’ll paint a gorgeous picture of your relationship for the world to see, but behind closed doors, he’s pressuring you to up your game. Ultimately, he loses the girl because she realizes she can do better.

BONUS: Aquarius Men Are Sometimes SUPER Aloof

There isn’t enough space to share how great Aquarius guys truly are. They’re strong, independent men who are willing to fight for what’s right, they’re smart, they’re great listeners, they’re fun to be around and they shine in social situations. This doesn’t even really scratch the surface of how cool he is, so there’s no way he can break your heart right?

Sorry ladies, the sad truth is, one of an Aquarius guy’s greatest weaknesses is his fear of expressing his emotions.

While he likes to portray himself as the outgoing fun guy, the truth is when he’s feeling down and out, he’ll hide it from you. No relationship can really last when one person refuses to open up to the other. He won’t mean to, but he’ll break your heart slowly and silently until you’ve had enough.

Warning – Water Signs Can Still Hurt You

The cool thing about Water signs is they’re usually pretty emotional and are among the more sensitive of the four elements. They’re pretty intuitive and love to engage in open, honest relationships. While they’re truly amazing men to love and be loved by, they too suffer some of the injustices Wind signs fall prey to. It’s rare to encounter a Water sign who wants to break your heart from the start. They’re usually on the hunt for true love and a lasting relationship – they honestly want someone to spend their lives with, but fate can sometimes interfere in the most unexpected ways.

Careful! Cancer Men Can Be Expert Manipulators

Cancers are often the most loyal of the Astro signs. If you’re afraid your man will go behind your back, you’re least likely to be surprised by a Cancer sign – just keep in mind they do come with other warning signs. Cancer guys are often pretty chill; they like to relax near or in water and share a great meal with friends and family alike.

They’re close to their mothers and it shows in how attentive they are to your emotional needs but, like most great guys, he’s got a chip on his shoulder.

He’s so loyal despite being hurt in the past that learning to trust again can prove to be too difficult. He’ll subconsciously start to manipulate you in hopes of seeing your different sides. It’s a self-defense mechanism he doesn’t always realize he’s deploying and this behavior won’t go unnoticed. You’ll soon recognize he isn’t ready for your relationship, which is heartbreaking no matter where you stand.

Pisces Guys Are Less Likely To Hurt You – But The Potential Is Still There

Pisces are among the coolest of the Water elements. They’re really into music, romance and spirituality, which rounds them out pretty well. They’re interested in what their partner is all about, they actually feel something when a song is played and they’re able to consider greater cosmic forces at work behind everyday, hum-drum events. While he might rock a man bun, it’s easy to love a Pisces guy and open up to him emotionally and physically. The downside? He can sometimes be a little too in touch with his softer side and can play the victim in literally every circumstance. It’s not so much that he’ll break your heart as he will drive you away with his incessant desire to be the center of attention.

Some Scorpios Are Super Secretive

Scorpios can sometimes be the traditional “man’s man.” He’s resourceful in pretty much every situation, is passionate with his woman, can be a little stubborn at times, but is ultimately a true friend.

He’s big on the truth and fact-checking people when it sounds like they’re full of hot air, and he’s got a cute habit of teasing the woman of his affections.

He’s honestly a great guy, but beneath the surface, he can be a small emotional wreck. He’s super secretive when it comes to his true feelings because if you knew how many jealous thoughts ran through his head and how many times he’s questioned your honesty, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him romantically. He’s got weaknesses, and he knows it, but he’ll break your heart trying to hide those darker parts of himself from you.

BONUS: Scorpios Can Be Too Stubborn

There’s nothing like an honest guy by your side, especially if he’s as attentive to your needs as you are to his. Scorpio guys tend to be pretty great boyfriends for the most part and are often well-liked by others, but the one thing he can’t hide from you or anyone else is his stubborn attitude. He may not always put up a fight but in some situations, he’s going to dig in his heels and refuse to budge. This can ultimately break a girl’s heart because she’s so in love with literally every other aspect of his personality, but his stubbornness is too much to handle.

Earth Signs Are Usually Trustworthy

Earth signs are pretty cool guys who can balance being realistically conservative while riding that edge of being emotional and hopeful of the implausible. While they may not be child-like in their expectations, they’re certainly not the rigid, stiff-necked guys their sign is often misrepresented as. They love to have fun and they’re the perfect shoulder to lean on when their friends or family find themselves in difficult situations.

Through thick and thin, Earth signs are among the best men to date.

They’re not as likely to hurt you as some of the other signs, and for the most part, they’re genuinely great guys.

Capricorn Men Are Disciplined Enough To Keep Themselves In Check

Traditional, responsible, disciplined, well-mannered, great leaders and masters of self-control are just a few of the many ways we can describe a Capricorn man. He values his family and true craftsmanship and is appreciative of women who share his beliefs. He’s by no means perfect, but let’s face it: no one really ever is. He’s willing to work at his relationships and knows better than to flirt with dangerous situations that could hurt his woman. If you want to trust your heart, take a chance on a Capricorn guy. He may be a know-it-all or a little condescending at times, but odds are he’ll understand he’s acting like a child and will back off enough to keep from hurting you.

 Taurus Man Will Romance You – But Nothing Is Certain

We all know a Taurus is known for their stubborn, uncompromising mindsets. It’s important to remember they’re also known for their patience, practicality, and stability. They won’t randomly fight their point and aren’t aggressive at all unless you consider how they might attack a responsibility! In fact, Taurus men are pretty amazing guys.

Despite all the stigmas surrounding them, they’re often good-natured and on the hunt for a romance that will last a lifetime.

He doesn’t want to hurt his lady, in fact, he wants to protect her. If he ever breaks her heart, guaranteed it’s a misunderstanding that blows way out of proportion.

Virgo Men Will Love You Unconditionally… Most Of The Time

Virgo guys may be a little shy at first and can be a little too into their jobs, but overall they’re loyal, kind, hardworking, practical, and perhaps most importantly, they fall deeply in love. Virgos may be known for their analytical skills but even they know that love isn’t some formula you can follow – it’s something that can only come from the heart and the least-resistant part of the brain. He’ll make you laugh and make you feel like the most important woman in his life and it’s all because you really and truly are. So how can this amazing man possibly break your heart? Let’s just say when he’s not completely enamored by you, he’s judging every little thing. He may not express his distaste with your choice of hairstyle or lack of cleanliness, but he’s definitely thinking it.

BONUS: Some Virgo Guys Are Actually In It To Win It

While some Virgo men are silently judging their partners, hoping she’ll magically understand some of her habits or opinions disgust him, there are others who are a little more outspoken. They care more about the stability of the relationship than they do a moment of confrontation. In fact, confrontation is too strong a word.

He’s actually a master at casually bringing up uncomfortable topics and will let you know when he’s bothered by something.

He’ll do anything to make the relationship work, with the exception of changing his core values, and he has no problem letting the woman in his life know it.

Fire Signs Might Seem Flustered But They’re Surprisingly Great

Fire Signs are known for their passionate natures. They’re temperamental, quick to jump from one thing to the next and can seem like the least likely sign to give their hearts and souls away, but the truth is that while they’re willing to play around in literally every other aspect of their lives, most Fire signs aren’t willing to joke when it comes to love. Theirs is an intense emotion fuelled by the heat of the moment – puns definitely intended as they’re truly the best description for Fire signs. If you’re going to trust anyone with your heart, trust a Fire Sign.

Sagittarius Men Aim To Please

If you’re looking for a man who is generous, can make you laugh, isn’t afraid to be himself and who brings out the best in you, then find yourself a Sagittarius. He’s going to live his best life and inspire you to do the same. It isn’t necessarily that he’ll talk about what he wants to do, then prove it by doing it – he’ll never mention the philosophical aspects at all! He’ll just jump up and do whatever he likes spur of the moment.

Don’t worry ladies, he won’t forget to offer an invitation because he wants to share his experiences with you!

Trust your gut, take his hand and live a love for the ages!

Most Aries Men Are Honest

As sad as it may sound, honesty in today’s society is pretty hard to come by. There’s always the background worry that your partner is lying about something, which only breeds paranoia and low-key hostility. If you’re looking for an honest relationship, turn to an Aries man. He’s passionately honest, courageous, confident, enthusiastic about nearly everything in life, rises to physical challenges and is sometimes unexpected. He’s great with surprises and is a lover of women who hone their skills and live their dreams. When you’ve got an Aries man at your side, what more can you really ask for?

Leos Will Love You To The Ends Of The Earth

To answer the previous question, the only boyfriend better than an Aries is a Leo!

Leo men are creative, have a warm-heart, are cheery regardless of the time of year and love to be pampered as much as they love pampering their woman!

Leos are natural leaders with a flair for the dramatic, making them irresistible to men and women alike. They may let their love for flashy things overflow into your wardrobe as well, but let’s face it ladies – we all love when our men buy us clothes and makeup anyway! If you’re looking for a compassionate man who knows how to make you laugh and cry with joy, turn to a Leo!

BONUS: Some Leo Guys Are Willing To Overcome Their Weaknesses For The Loves In Their Lives

The great thing about Leos is they’re very much aware of their weaknesses. Not only are they aware, but they’re also willing to overcome them for the sake of their lady’s happiness. If his self-centered attitude is leaking out a little too often, he’ll go as far as signing up for classes to learn how to be less selfish. When he can hear himself being arrogant, he’ll stop, backtrack and apologize, then make sure to keep himself in check. These aren’t easy things to disregard, so when you see your Leo working to improve himself, know he’s doing it all in the name of love!

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