• July 28, 2021

Here The Haircut He’s Attracted To Most, A/c To His Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the opposite gender, we all have certain things we are attracted to. And since we all have physical traits we first notice on men, so do they. As a matter of fact, some men even pay more attention to certain traits than we do because they don’t beat around the bush and know exactly what they like. But do you know exactly what men like? 

More than we know, men are extremely attracted to a woman’s hair, so much so that you could get them to understand your personality by your choice of hairstyle and hair colour. How you wear your hair tells the world more about you than you think, so we thought we’d let you in on a few secrets, especially if you have a crush that you’re hoping falls for you. If you ever wanted to know what the guy you’re interested in actually thinks about the hair your sporting, his astro sign deeply influences his opinion and taste on that. If you want him to be awestruck by you, then you might just want to read on, so you know what your Capricorn man wants and which hairstyle your Pisces man you have your eyes on digs. And so, here are some suggestions for flattering looks all based on astro signs.

Opt For A Short Bob For An Aries Man

Aries men love a woman who is not shy and will experiment with different haircuts. And since they are so adventurous and are always on the go, they want a woman with hair that is simple to maintain. And which haircut appeals to them most? The pixie cut.

This gorgeous cut is adored among Aries men because she can quickly jump out of bed and join him on an adventure; it is a no-fuss cut.

And it also shows a woman who is bold and confident. Rock the haircut with ease and he’ll be smitten.

Aries Men Also Love The Big Mane

Then again, because Aries men are also bold and daring and appreciate seeing that in a woman, they go gaga for the woman who can rock big and bold curls. Aries men love a woman with great big hair because it shows that their personality has zest and bounce to it. And because they are such adventurous men, they tend to notice a woman’s haircut before anything else, which is why they believe curly ,thick, and long hair is complimentary to your look.


Taurus Men Adore The “Au Naturel”

A Taurus man is a practical man; therefore, he loves hairstyles that are not too high-maintenance but still trendy and natural. That being said, a Taurus man appreciates long and natural hair. Ever notice how many Taurus men keep their hair long and with its natural texture?

This means that a woman who could rock the same look will certainly fire him up.

And when we say long, we don’t mean down until the belly button, even up to the shoulders will do

Taurus Men Love Some Hair Embellishment

Taurus men are the traditional romantic sign, and because they are also earthy, they trip over the romantic bohemian look. What do we mean? If you have embellished clips, headbands and flowered barrettes laying around, you may want to incorporate them into your hairstyle. Taurus men encourage hairstyles that have a natural wave pattern, and the use of flowered accessories in the hair floors them. It will remind him of the beauty nature offers to the world with your classic and chic look.


For Gemini Men, You Must Have Long Locks

Gemini men are brilliant intellects and are playful, youthful and whimsical, so they like women to be the same way. They embrace change and love adapting to new trends, and since they do, they love a woman who has long and luscious waves.

For Gemini men, the longer the hair, the better, because that allows the women with that haircut to wear their hair in many different ways while adapting to the hottest trends.

With really long hair, a Gemini man will encourage you to be playful with it.

Gemini Men Praise Change

Since Gemini men have more than one personality in most things, including fashion, they like a woman who is daring when it comes to her haircut. This means, the men like so many things at once that it is rigid for them to decide what trend they like most on women. A youthful look appeals to them, so going for a bold and untamed haircut with a balayage is the perfect go-to hairstyle. They love it because they get the best of both worlds all at once; 2 hair colours and 2 different cuts!


Cancer Men Go Nuts For The Laid-Back Look

Because Cancer men appreciate the older way of life and are the old souls of all the signs, they tend to be drawn to whatever is easy, laid-back, and no fuss. In hair translation, they are attracted to the easiness and simplicity of the lob cut. This cut is easy to maintain, but can still be stylish, which a Cancer man loves for the sake of balance. They love how the lob on a woman can be styled up or down.

Cancer Men Go For The Neat Cut

Since the Cancer man is compassionate and loves the no-fuss haircut, what they also find fashionable on a woman is a medium length haircut that is parted in the middle. This kind of haircut shows to a Cancer man that you are easy-going and simple, as the neat middle parting does not require much effort. However, they love a medium haircut that is maintained, and the middle parting adds the feminine flare that they admire. It is a timeless look that they majorly appreciate.


Leo Men Love Voluminous Manes

Leo men are full of pride and courage and love a woman who is bold and adventurous. Men feel like the look on women that attracts them most and shows off their adventurous side most is a haircut that has tons of volume on the crown.

Basically, a woman that has a lioness mane, like hair that has tons of volume and waves, is what they feel shows the most courage in a woman.

If she could embrace big hair or dare to take the time with a curling iron to achieve the look, they’ll totally notice.


Leo Men Know What The Glass Haircut Is All About

On the complete other hand though, another haircut they totally dig is one that is ultimately straight and sleek and known as the glass haircut. This is a look that will drive a Leo man wild because it expresses your sense of style with zest, which they are totally into.

The shiny and pin-straight haircut is the biggest fad right now in the hair department and it intrigues a Leo because of their bold side.

Since a Leo man takes pride in their triumphs, they adore a woman who feels the same about her appearance and nurtures her hair. They can’t say no to a sleek, shiny and voluminous mane.

Virgo Men Have Eyes For Neat And Tidy Haircuts

A Virgo man is a perfectionist, so they pay attention very much to detail ― the pressure just got real, ladies. And even when Virgo men are in a rush, they make sure their haircut is appealing, so they expect that in a woman as well.

They like women with shoulder-length haircuts because it can still be perfect and classy; it is not too short and women can still perfect their haircut with a flat iron.

They find great joy in a woman who perfects the sleek shoulder length haircut.

Virgo Men Dig The Sleek Ponytail

Because a Virgo man pays extreme attention to detail, they don’t like any haircut that looks messy and out of place, so you can ditch the asymmetrical bob if you’re crushing on a Virgo.

Another look you can opt for, though, is a haircut with intricate detail. By that we mean a sleek ponytail with an off-centre part.

He likes when the hair is out of a woman’s face and that the haircut shows effort, like the off-centre part. Make sure to not have any hair out of place, he’ll pick at them if so.


Libra Men Love What’s Vintage

The symbol of the scales represents Libras, which means they always strive to maintain balance in their life, and that reflects in their appearances.

Libra men are the charmers of al the signs, which means they have a grand appreciation for the older fashion trends. That means Libra men have eyes for women who have a vintage haircut, like those glamorous curls that look so posh and professionally done.

They go bonkers for the retro curls and will want to have their arm around you in no time.


Libra Men Like A “Balanced” Haircut

They love haircuts that look professional because they possess an admiration for beauty, which means they love a haircut with perfect symmetry.

And because Virgo men are quite romantic, they also have a thing for haircuts that are ultra feminine, but still simple.

And nothing screams simplicity more than mermaid waves with the separation in the middle, or a one-length straight haircut that is parted straight down the middle. These two cuts completely enhance the balance between fancy and simplicity that Libra men love.

Scorpio Men Like Obscure Haircuts

Scorpio men are quiet in nature, which is why they are considered to be very mysterious, but when it comes to likes, they know exactly what appeals to them. Since they are deep and mysterious, they tend to flock towards women with an asymmetrical haircut.

This look has the capacity to attract the somewhat quiet man because it makes you stand out among the crowd;

you won’t look like everyone else, which will make him want to explore your mysteriousness.

Scorpio Men Like Revealing Haircuts

Any haircut that will set you apart from the others, a Scorpio man will be intrigued. If you’re looking to change up your look and impress a deep and alluring Scorpio, then try the one-eyed haircut.

This look will have them on their toes and feeling super antsy to talk to you since it looks mysterious, but still classy.

It is the kind of look that can make a woman look edgier, and he will see that about you with clear vision.


8Sagittarius Men Dig Chancy Looks

Sagittarius men are like the Dora, the Explorers of the real world; they are creative and spontaneous, which leads them to wanting to explore just about everything in life. And since they are so optimistic and have a huge passion for life, they love women who have riskier haircuts. Basically, they believe women can sport any haircut, but they love long hair that has a unique cut, like layered hair with bangs. They love that look because it is carefree but also exciting.


Curly Hair Makes Sagittarius Men Rawr

A haircut with edge is going to intrigue a Sagittarius man, so another one he will go gaga for is the big and curly hair.

Since their state-of-mind is extremely positive, they believe that a woman who could tame and rock a mane on the regular is super attractive; it shows they are positive and confident about their hair.

And since Sagittarius men always have plans up their sleeves, they need you to be ready and on-the-go with them. And big curly hair is the perfect hair to leave the house without having to worry.

Capricorn Men Love A Simple Blow Dry

Capricorn men are hardworking men, who have great ambition, but are also very caring. So, because they are so headstrong, they like haircuts that are simpler on woman.

Anything that involves less work is a go for them, so they are deeply fond of a shoulder-length haircut with long layers.

With that kind of cut, a woman can blow dry it quickly to add volume, and it is so easy to quickly look good. Make sure it’s long enough to tie in a bun though.

Capricorn Men Appreciate A Timeless Haircut

A Capricorn man is classic and practical, so a look that is sublime that they are attracted to is the long and layered haircut. Why?

Because it is black and white to them; it is a simple, classic, and timeless look and that is exactly what they preach as Capricorns.

Anything that is too fancy does not swell with them because they find what is traditional and simple striking. So, if you have layered and long hair, just know you may have a Capricorn flocking your way.


Aquarius Men Dig Constant Change

An Aquarius man loves to stand out, and he does that by being highly eccentric with his haircut and fashion; those are two forms he uses to expresses his uniqueness. Because they are like that, they love women who could keep with their forever chancing pace.

Therefore, a woman who is fun and eccentric, to him, will have a medium-length haircut that way she could very easily adapt with new trends.

They love the type of length that allows a woman to have it half up and half down.

3Aquarius Men Love A Funky Fringe

You may think that this is an unconventional look, because there are long strands splashed everywhere, but the fringe haircut is one of the hottest trends at the moment.

Because Aquarius men like something that is different, they like the fringe haircut that instantly evokes quirkiness.

What else they love about it is that it is playful, flirty, and shows that you’re confident enough to pull off bold trends. Any unusual hairstyle will have an Aquarius man digging you.


Pisces Love A Cut That Is Boho-Inspired

A Pisces man is a sensitive one, but an imaginative one, and so they love daydreaming. What this means is that they love to see what they imagine come to life, and with that, the haircut they are swayed by most is the bohemian inspired haircut.

This look to men is striking because it is peaceful, simple, and youthful.

The boho look is one that is creative and will frame the features of your face that men love most.

Pisces Men Want To See You Rock Braids

A Pisces man is certainly attracted to a woman who can maintain a clean finish, and hair that allows him to go into a dreamy state.

And because they have an admiration for a creative imagination, Pisces men love hair that is long enough for women to sport a trendy braid.

Think of Elsa from Frozen, and that is the kind of dreamy look that men love seeing a woman sport. And it is a plus if your hair is shiny and you have highlights because that totally draws them in and locks down their imagination.

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