• July 28, 2021

Here’s The Ultimate Approach To Win Her Heart, A/c To Her Zodiac Sign

What could be better than being in love? If you’re a typical human, you’re probably really excited at the prospect of being in love. Not only will you finally get to live out all your romantic fantasies, but you get to share your life with someone really special. That’s incredible! We don’t blame anyone who’s on the hunt for love. Life improves when there’s love in the air, which is why we want to help people get there. 

If you have your eye on someone special, or really want to romance the person you’ve started seeing, this is the cheat sheet you have to look at.

We’ve gone through and figured out the one way that she feels the most loved, based on her zodiac sign. You might already have an idea of how she likes to be romanced, which is great. These suggestions can help you seal the deal, though. While zodiac signs are pretty broad, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking these as a guideline to help you romance your person.

Whether you believe in the power of the zodiac or not doesn’t matter; everyone could use some thoughtfulness, which means these insights are basically foolproof. Take these guidelines, stop worrying about your relationship, and start succeeding in love. Here’s how she feels the most loved, based on her zodiac sign.

Pisces: Leaving Little Love Notes Or Performing Compassionate Actions That Surprise Her

Pisces is a sign that is incredibly easy to love. With her compassion, sense of humor and open heart, you’ll find that she’s ready and willing to love you back whenever you decide to make your feelings known.

While she won’t be the most vocal about telling you what she wants regarding romance, we can let you know that she’ll fall head over heels for a compassionate person.

Write a little note when you leave her place, or pick up a tea for her on your way to class.

Small gestures will feed her fantasies and will give her tangible things to point to to say “oh, they do like me!” When she feels secure in knowing you like her, then she’ll be happy to pursue something together.


Fire Signs — She Physically Needs To Feel The Love

Fire signs are the most openly passionate of the zodiac. While Air and Water signs love the romantic feeling of love, Fire signs prefer the passionate people; the ones who aren’t afraid to declare be-all-end-all love. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with a Fire sign, ensure that you’re ready to bare your heart and soul.

Despite all their passionate grandeur, Fire signs actually love tender, intimate connection. Don’t let yourself be fooled by their bravado: keep yourself open, honest, and genuine, and you’ll find that they’ll fall head over heels for you. If you want to speed it along, ensure that you’re letting her know that you like her through small physical gestures.

But Make Sure You Don’t Let The Fire Fade

These physical gestures will reassure her that the passion is still alive. Fire signs thrive off of passion, and they feel most secure in a relationship with passion.

If there’s no physicality or touch, she’s going to start second-guessing what the status of your relationship is. 

A consensual hand on the small of her back, kissing her on the head when you’re standing in line, or brushing your nose along her neck while you two are cooking dinner, will help ensure that the fire between you two burns bright. She’ll feel secure, excited, and happy to have you; isn’t that what everyone wants in a relationship?


Aries: Giving Her Some Friendly Competition (And Pushing Her To Improve!)

If you’re like most of the world you’ve probably experienced the typical Aries hit and miss relationship. Aries is often thought of as being stubborn. While this is true, their stubbornness is more accurately portrayed as determination.

Aries is always looking to do and be their best. They don’t want to surround themselves with people who give up. If you’re interested in an Aries, make sure that you can give them a little bit of friendly competition now and then. Support and inspire her to keep improving herself, and you’ll find that she won’t want to be with anyone else!

Sagittarius: Helping Her Feed Her Adventurous Spirit

Sagittarius might seem easy going on the surface, but this Fire sign is actually incredibly motivated and hardworking. The Sagittarius woman isn’t afraid of moving on, as she loves to experience adventure and change. She doesn’t put up with boredom, and you’ll find that she has more stories about loving and leaving than dealing with a broken heart.

To truly win her over, you can’t try to take her away from her natural impulses.

Help her feed her adventurous spirit through day trips, new experiences, and the willingness to try something out of your comfort zone. She’ll not only appreciate the fact you’re respecting her needs, but she’ll love having an adventure buddy!

Leo: Making Her Feel Like She’s The Centre Of Your World

Leos are one of the easiest signs to woo, but one of the hardest to hold on to. Leos love feeling like they’re the center of someone’s world. Attention and affection are synonymous for the Leo, who absolutely loves the passionate aspect of relationships.

While touch and physical reassurance are good ways to show your love for this Fire sign, what you really need to do is to ensure that she knows she’s got your attention. Remember things that she’s said, and be willing to plan dates. Surprise her at the end of a long day with something she likes, whether it’s pasta carbonara or a foot massage. She just wants to know you’re thinking about her.

Earth Signs — Reassuring Her That She’s Needed

Earth signs are the calmest, cool, and collected signs of the zodiac. Not only are they incredibly goal-oriented and motivated, but they’re incredibly good at emotional regulation. You’ll very seldom find an Earth sign freaking out unless it’s for a concrete, tangible reason (like her computer dying when she’s got a deadline coming up).

Earth signs are good in emergencies as they tend to assess situations and come up with solutions quickly.

Earth signs know that they’re capable and hardworking, which gives them a sense of purpose. Reassure your Earth sign that she’s needed and you’ll find that she’ll be more than happy to pursue a relationship with you. Feeling like she has a purpose will motivate her to do well in the relationship. Just make sure you can keep up with the effort, though!

But Don’t Rely On Her For Everything

This is something Earth signs can face often. Due to the fact that Earth signs are usually the stable ones within their friend group, they’re looking for someone who can be their rock… Not just another person they have to support.

While it’s good to let Earth signs know that they have a purpose, they can’t be the only person you use for emotional support. This will exhaust your Earth sign and will make her feel like you’re just using her for low-key therapy. Balance the reassurance that she’s needed with being an emotional support for her; after all, love is a two-way street!

Taurus: Making Her Comfortable (Usually With Good Food)

If you love a Taurus, you could see this tip from a mile away. Tauruses are the classic Earth sign: motivated but relaxed, slow but consistent, luxurious but not wanting to make a fuss. Taurus is a sign that thrives in pleasure. She’s not good at doing things she doesn’t want to do, which is probably why she’s dropped at least one course (or switched jobs so many times).

She knows what she wants in life, but she’s not in a huge rush to get it.

She likes to be comfortable, which is why it’s pretty simple to figure out what makes her tick. Give her some good food and your comfiest sweater to wear and she’ll be a happy camper. Respect her comfort zone and she’ll see that you’re serious about pursuing something


Virgo: Engaging In Conversation And Not Being Afraid To Debate

Virgo is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. While they’re not keen on expressing their emotional response to things, they are happy to intellectually talk about what they’re feeling. If you want to woo a Virgo, you should be ready to talk. They love a good conversation and will fall head over heels for someone who likes to debate.

Don’t be afraid of challenging her intellectual; chances are she’s smarter than you, but will appreciate the opportunity to flex her mental skills. This will set you two up for a lifetime of intellectual satisfaction, which is one of the goals of the Virgo. Make sure you’re respecting her points of view, though.

10Capricorn: Sharing With Her Handcrafted Gifts Or DIY Projects

Capricorns are tricky, as they’re the most fickle zodiac sign. From the outside, it seems like they dislike everything. That’s not entirely true, though. Capricorns are incredibly sensitive, and their dislike (or distrust) is a way of protecting themselves.

They have a great love for life and relish the typical Earth sign things: comfort, little luxuries, and achieving their goals.

Capricorns respect those who like to make things.

They’re the craftiest sign and love bonding over homemade objects. Build your relationship through working towards a mutual goal, like installing a new sink, and you’d be surprised at how loving her response will be.


Air Sign — The More You Say You Love Her, The More Head-Over-Heels She’ll Be

Air signs are the most verbal of the zodiac. Not only do they tend to like reading, writing, and conversation, but they tend to think in words. While some of us think in pictures and visual cues, others (like Air signs) process the world through language.

It just makes sense that you would want to love her in the way that she processes the world. Telling a person you love them is an important aspect of any relationship, but it’s especially important for Air signs. Tell her how you feel and what you’re thinking, and you’ll find that she’s more confident and comfortable in the relationship.

But Make Sure You Listen When She Actually Needs To Talk

“I love you” is all well and good, but it’s the best thing to build a relationship off of. You need to make sure that you’re able to support her when she needs it. Trust us, the time will come sooner than you think.

Air signs are the type to talk out their problems. 

They need to phone a friend and discuss what to do, rather than sitting and mulling it over like a Water or Earth sign. If you actually want to be with your Air sign, you need to be able to support her. Being an active listener and knowing when to ask what’s up is just as valuable as expressing love. Plus, it’ll help the relationship more than cute pet names ever will.


Libra: Being Vocal Of The Things You’re Passionate About (And Listening To Her)

People love passion. We’ll happily listen to TEDtalk after TEDtalk done by passionate people just to get a little taste of their exuberance. Libras might not be the most outwardly passionate, but they feel everything very intensely. Don’t let their objective mask fool you; deep down they’ve got some big emotions bubbling.

By being open about your passions you’re giving your Libra lady the opportunity to share her passions. This is a great way to build that love, as passion is very persuading to the practical-but-gut-feeling-driven Libra. The one catch? Make sure you really care about what she’s saying. If you ignore her opening her heart to you, you’ll be out faster than you can say “I love you”.

Aquarius: Keeping Your Promises To Her

Aquarius is a sign that likes to live in their head. They’re probably the airiest of the Air signs, which means that you’re likely going to have to keep them grounded. This doesn’t mean controlling them; this means reminding them of things when they need reminding and making sure that they can trust you.

Keeping your promises is very important to an Aquarius.

This sign tends to live in their expectations, which can easily be shattered if a broken promise comes into the mix.

Do what you say you’re going to do and don’t back out. Eventually, she’ll build up trust, and that trust will quickly turn to love.


Gemini: Wanting To Spend Nights In Together

This Air sign is going to go one of two ways: a Gemini either wants to go out and party, or stay in and stay glued to the couch. Geminis tend to meet people when they’re at their most extroverted, which can mean a rude awakening for some potential baes when the Gemini wants to stay inside.

Don’t be that person. Respect your Gemini’s needs and she’ll be grateful. Having someone to watch movies and eat microwave popcorn with is kind of what everyone wants. If you show that you actually want to do that most date nights, then you’re in a good place. Your Gemini woman will love it.

Water Signs — All Those Classic Moves Will Win Her Over

Nothing says romance like hand holding and treating her to a home cooked dinner. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, that’s an assumption a lot of people make when thinking about romantic gestures; they think it’s all flowers and chocolates. That’s not the way to win your Water sign.

Water signs are not material minded; they don’t place a lot of value on physical objects, and instead, prefer to cherish feelings and experiences.

They’re romance-driven signs and like to find the drama and meaning in things. Small, genuine gestures that play on her interests and passions are the best way to get her interested.

3…If She’s Willing To Be Won!

Keep in mind, however, that Water signs can be hard to read. While they like romance, they won’t always show you what they’re feeling. Water signs tend to protect themselves until they trust someone fully. Make sure that you really want this romance before you start: Water signs don’t back out of a commitment.

She’ll make it clear if she wants to pursue something with you or not. You just need to watch out for the signs and calibrate your actions accordingly. Is she smiling? Is she texting you back right away? Keep sending little notes and suggesting romantic hangouts. Is she giving you the cold shoulder and telling you she’s busy? Maybe take the hint and move on.

Cancer: Helping Around The House (Without Being Asked)

Cancers are incredibly home-minded. They’re often very close with their families and like having the opportunity to check in with them. Cancers seldom ask for help. While they like cultivating their support system, they don’t often use it. This is where you come in.

Cancers love someone who’s happy to stay in.

They’re naturally a little introverted and like to keep things in order. If you can help her with a little housework (without her having to ask) she’ll automatically have respect for you. You’re respecting her space, after all! Plus, who doesn’t love someone who’s willing to lend a hand?

Scorpio: Validating Her Feelings And Supporting Her Unconditionally

Scorpios are the sign that masks their emotions the most. They feel everything very intensely but try to not show it. Scorpios are sometimes seen as the most emotionally wild sign, as they do tend to lose control of their emotions.

Masking their true feelings might be their protection, but they’re not great at holding on to control.

While they’ll love you fiercely and loyally, they’ll let you know if they’re not happy with something that you’re doing. The best thing you can do in the realm of romance is to be there, unconditionally, for your Scorpio. This will show that you’re in it for the long haul and will help her build up the trust she needs to feel truly loved.

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