• February 27, 2021

Romance Is Dead, Well It Is For These 5 Zodiac Signs Anyway

Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone craves a little bit of romance in their daily lives and it’s fair to say that a spontaneous romantic gesture has the power to make us smile from ear to ear. Astrology has an immense influence on our zodiac signs and our attitudes to love and romance, which is why some of us are completely unromantic. Discover the 5 most unromantic zodiac signs here.

Romance is a truly beautiful thing especially when it comes from the heart. Being romantic is about making your partner feel special and loved, rather than huge romantic gestures; but not all of the star signs manage to wrap their heads around this concept. In fact, only the most romantic zodiac signs succeed in making their partner feel like a million dollars.


The 5 most unromantic zodiac signs

5 zodiac signs in particular have a hard time with romance, so much so that we’re not even actually sure they know what it means! Between the commitment phobe zodiac signs and the zodiac signs who choose career success over love, romance certainly looks as if it’s dead and buried! Is your zodiac sign romantic or totally unromantic?

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