• June 19, 2021

The Emotion You Feel Most Intensely Based On Your Zodiac Sign

No two people are alike when it comes to their emotions. Various people go through emotions differently, have different tolerance to emotions, and also vary in expressing their emotions.

Based on your zodiac sign, these are the emotions you feel most strongly and intensely about.

1. Pisces – Tranquility

Out of all the Zodiacs, you have the deepest connection with the Universe and its energies. This connection brings you a lot of tranquility, and it is this emotion that you feel most deeply. You are also driven by peace and are incredibly perceptive. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces


2. Aries – Anger

As an Arian, you are quick-tempered. Your someone who gives it their all to the task at hand, and people you like. However, you are bound to feel anger when things seem like they’re going south. Anger is something that is a bit tough for you to control as it is intense, but it is short-lived.


3. Taurus – Disgust

Taureans tend to be more individualistic in their approach to life. You like to make sure things are going your way, and that you have control over the things you do. You have assorted tastes and choices regarding who you spend your time with and what you do. This leads you to be more intense when you dislike a few things.


4. Gemini – Happiness

Geminis somehow inherently know how to spice up a party or liven up a room. They like being funny and quirky, and have an attractive charm. You are driven by fun and like to create good experiences for yourself and those around you. Naturally, happiness is your strongly felt emotion.

5. Cancer – Boredom

You’re someone who likes peace and knows that home is the one place you can find it. However, Cancerians get moody when they feel understimulated by their surroundings. At the same time, you hate feeling bored, so much so that you get annoyed by the feeling.


6. Leo – Pride

You know that you can face anything on your own and do not require others help. This also fuels your confidence and makes you a reliable leader to be around. But, at times, your belief in yourself can often make you prideful. However, it does not take you too long to get back to reality.

7. Virgo – Determination

As Virgos, you do things that have a purpose and hold meaning for you. You tend to make sure that you are organized in your approach to things. Thus, a strong sense of determination is what you feel intensely about. You can’t help feeling highly driven for structure and intended outcomes.

8. Libra – Chaos

Librans usually tend to have a lot of activity on the social front. Since a lot of people like you, your big social circles have multiple things going on at the same time. As a result, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos that ensues.

Scorpios have a lot of keen insights into the world, thus making you aware of how crazy it can get. You can take bleak realities and underwhelming odds as a yardstick to understand just how precious positive and good experiences are. As a result, you are fueled by inspiration very strongly and intensely.

10. Sagittarius – Goofiness

As a Sagittarian, you often feel strong emotions of silliness and goofiness due to your inherent sporty traits. You know when to make use of such emotions to add a dash of charm to your daily humor. You love to make people laugh.

11. Capricorn – Achievement

Capricorns like making an impact. They have a strong desire to produce outcomes and gaining from them. You feel more satisfied and complete when you feel you are excelling and on the top. It is so strong a desire that you always want to succeed and achieve more.


12. Aquarius – Agitation

You tend to get carried away into thinking that everyone is as smart as you are. However, when you are met with someone who falls short on the ability to think the way you do, you are bound to get annoyed and feel agitated easily. It is the casual ignorance that annoys you.


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