• May 08, 2021

The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Outgoing To Most Introverted

The 12 zodiac signs are all completely different socially, with half being super outgoing and the other half being a lot more introverted. What about your zodiac sign? Is your zodiac an introvert or are you a social butterfly? Certain zodiacs need some time to warm up before getting into their party mode and others are always ready to strut their stuff and socialize.

Astrology has an important influence on our personality traits and is believe it or not even responsible for our social behavior. The world seems to be split into two types of people; the introverts and the extroverts, which team does each of the zodiac signs belong to?


Zodiac signs ranked: Most outgoing to most introverted

Being an introvert and shy isn’t negative and doesn’t mean you are uptight and incapable of having fun. Introverts are actually some of the world’s biggest and best thinkers. Whereas extroverts on the other hand really know how to get everyone in a good mood and love nothing more than cranking the music up and crazy dancing.

We’ve ranked the 12 zodiac signs from the most outgoing to the most introverted; discover where your sign ranks here.

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