• July 28, 2021

These 5 Zodiac Signs Would Ditch Their BFFs For A New Relationship

Love and relationships are beautiful things but there is a flip side to all the happiness; love can at times change people and even go as far as causing rifts in their friendships. Finding someone special and falling in love changes certain zodiac signs and 5 of them would even ditch their BFFs to put a new relationship first. Would your zodiac sign choose love over your friends?

Everyone likes to think they are a loyal zodiac sign but the reality is love can change even the loyalist people out there. Love evokes lots of strong emotions and can at times drive us away from out close friends and change our priorities. Some zodiac signs are totally addicted to love which helps explain why certain drop their friends.


Which zodiac signs choose love over friendship?

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different stance on love and certain definitely struggle creating space in their lives for romance and friendships. Can your star sign have it all? We looked into the stars and have compiled a list of 5 zodiac signs that put love before their friendships! 5 zodiac signs forget about their friendships as soon as they find love; are you one of them?

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