• July 28, 2021

About Us


Our goal

We have always started an ideal creation of people. Due to the very beginning today, our team has tried to unite under the joint conviction that it is not easy to strengthen international education for the whole world. It can also be more motivated.

We will constantly be optimistic about the value of international education – the feeling of trust that all our superheroes do in all the things we do. Our eyes are the best way to maintain long-term goals, and it ensures that we continue the search platform for the world’s largest education.

Who are we?

We are a group of mathematics, computer scientists, authors of content and marketing experts who are with a view – future interpretation of content creation.

Although each of us comes from different backgrounds, we all believe that automation is stepping into breakthrough and material-based, as it has done in many other fields. Since we did not find any existing solution, we decided to make a development.

Using natural language processing and synthetic intelligence methods, we have developed an algorithm which encourages the way to think while writing human mentally material and makes real automation creation from scratch. Is.

Muhammad Sajid

Founder & CEO

“Mr. M.Sajid Chief Executive Officer of TypeAmerican.com. As well as Chairman of the 7th Sky Properties and Chief Executive Officer. Reporting directors’ boards, they are fully responsible for running strategic and ongoing operations for both companies.”

Asad Ali


“Asad Ali became the President of the TypeAmerican.com And also president of 7th sky properties on July 1, 2017.”

Abdul Basit

Article Writer

“Abdul Basit has written nine published books and one comic book. He’s created a web series for is working on one right now.”

Abid Malik

Website Developer

Syed Ayaz


Sajid Iqbal


“I am a web developer. Spend my day fully, practically every day, try HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

“The style and sounds are different. There is a standard convention of the style. The sound is a different way in which the person keeps words together. All good writers think uniforms close to the style, but their own sound.”

“A designer knows that he has not attained perfection when nothing is involved, but when nothing remains left.”

What we did?

Take lots of time to find ideas, content created and related information and spend a lot of money. One who writes on a regular basis knows that. It does not matter if you are an SEO expert, a journalist, blogger, or a student; struggling with the creation of content can be a very disappointing business.

The technology we have created is to solve the problem, simplify the struggle and to make the process faster, invest, and more pleasant.

Our technology makes unique, reliable, high-quality content by integrating a real human author. You choose the theme and length, and our algorithm will create your ideal content.